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Case Study: Delivery Hero & TVSquared

About Delivery Hero

Berlin-based Delivery Hero is a publicly listed online food-delivery service that operates in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. With 6,000+ employees, Delivery Hero leads the industry in orders, restaurant partnerships and active customers.

About TVSquared

TVSquared is the gold standard for TV performance analytics and optimization. More than 700 brands, agencies and networks in 70+ countries use TVSquared to optimize TV-driven response, maximize spend and improve campaign effectiveness by up to 80%.

The Challenge

Granular, cross-country understanding of TV marketing strategy

Delivery Hero employs a sophisticated, aggressive, TV-led marketing strategy that spans continents. It uses TV as a hybrid performance-marketing channel — one that drives both brand awareness and immediate, digital response. Since the majority of viewers watch with second-screen devices in-hand or nearby, TV has evolved into a primary driver of online response for the brand, including search, website visits and app activity.

In order to gauge TV performance, Delivery Hero relied on top-level numbers, baseline deviations and user polls during check out. While it showed TV was effective, this method did not provide a granular look into TV performance. The marketing team wanted to get a real time view into the buy elements that were driving the greatest response, and then use those insights to continuously optimize TV performance.

The Solution

Using TVSquared ADvantage as a TV campaign performance analytics

To get that granular, real-time look at TV campaign performance, Delivery Hero began using TVSquared ADvantage. The platform provided same-day TV campaign performance analytics by country, day, daypart, network, program, genre and creative.

Delivery Hero knew exactly what was working and what wasn’t — in nearly real-time — and then used that information to optimize TV campaigns based on cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per order (CPO) and cost per visit (CPV). It also leveraged the insights to improve its overall TV buying strategy.

Aleksej Koscejev

Global Head of Offline and Performance Marketing, Delivery Hero

Measuring and attributing TV's impact to App activity

While ADvantage attributed TV’s impact on web traffic, Delivery Hero also wanted to understand how TV drove app activity — measurement, to provide mutual clients with a one-click integration, meaning app data is automatically an increasingly important response touchpoint for the brand. In fact, a third of all smartphone users discover apps due to TV ads. For Delivery Hero, quantifying and then optimizing TV’s impact on app activity became crucial.

“The integration between Adjust and TVSquared is quick, easy and seamless. The entire process is also highly secure and GDPR-compliant,” says Koscejev.

TVSquared partnered with Adjust, the global leader in mobile measurement, to provide mutual clients with a one-click integration, meaning app data is automatically sent to ADvantage for attribution.

Adjust holds user activity data — from impressions and clicks, to installs and in-app actions (purchases, tutorials, registrations, etc.). By sending its relevant data to TVSquared, Delivery Hero could understand and then optimize the impact of TV campaigns on app activity.

The Result

More effective TV marketing campaigns

Using insights from TVSquared and Adjust, Delivery Hero has reduced CPA by 41.9% and improved its conversion rate (CVR) significantly. It is consistently working to scale TV campaigns toward the buy elements that are proven to positively impact revenue and cut those where performance is not ideal. And Delivery Hero plans to work with TVSquared and Adjust for all of its TV optimization initiatives along the way.