How Gameberry used Adjust to eliminate data discrepancies

About Gameberry

In February of 2017, two friends in Bangalore decided to take on the world of gaming with their creative ideas and out of the box thinking. They started working on building the best digital form of popular Indian games Ludo and Parchisi to be released on the Play Store and App store. In 2017 they released Ludo Star and Parchisi Star apps to the stores and have millions of active users.

Making every penny count

As a young and dynamic company in the mobile gaming space, Gameberry needed to maximise the output of their marketing budget to acquire new users and hopefully gain additional traction by word-of-mouth.

When they decided to start running paid marketing campaigns to acquire new users, Gameberry needed a solution that would help them measure all their campaigns and streamline their marketing efforts. After a few months of testing different campaigns, and with a sleuth of discrepancies piling up between the data they received from the networks and the attribution company, they realised they needed to change attribution providers quickly.

The main criteria was a solution that could measure all their marketing channels, eliminate time wasted going between platforms, and also provide the most accurate data possible.

Eliminating discrepancies and streamlining reporting

Gameberry needed a reliable source of truth for their data. They had spent countless hours combing through their own data and cross-referencing this with their internal numbers, the network numbers, and their marketing dashboard numbers. They needed a way to measure their marketing data accurately, without the need to constantly second guess.

They approached Adjust and were able to quickly get their app set up for attribution. They received one-to-one support from the integrations team to map out in-app events, ensuring they were measuring the entire app funnel.

Sagar Barapatre

Head of Marketing, Gameberry

Quickly after integrating, Gameberry launched their first test campaigns, testing whether they would experience the same discrepancies and also whether they were measuring all the data points they needed to further elevate their marketing.

Gameberry created a custom event for their main KPI - first-time purchase. They used this to measure the success of all their paid marketing and ensure that they were at a minimum, breaking even with all their campaigns, and also running campaigns on the channels that converted the most first-time purchase users.

“Before integrating with Adjust, we looked at the attribution landscape and no other provider was offering dedicated support like Adjust. Their support team added tremendous value for us while getting the integration set up. We had a dedicated team, which made getting started with them so much easier”

After cross referencing data across all the dashboards they were using, they saw that the Adjust numbers added up and reported accurately. Adjust proved to be the most reliable source of truth.

Sagar Barapatre

Head of Marketing, Gameberry

With unreliable historical data, Gameberry didn’t have metrics to refer to for their previous paid campaigns.

To ensure the accuracy of data, Gameberry created their own internal sanity check benchmark based on 10,000 paying users from organic channels, and calculated their D0, D1, and D7 revenues to check all the incoming data through the new paid campaigns. They utilized the Adjust revenue cohorts and could easily see their ROAS on D0, D1, and D7. They used the cohort reporting to compare organic users against their paid counterparts, and optimized their campaigns accordingly.

With Adjust’s unlimited lookback window, they were able to go beyond the standard 30 days that their network partners provided, enabling Gameberry to create a more accurate LTV calculation and also predictive modeling. They also used this to track the user behaviour long-term and understand at which stage users tended to churn, and when they tended to spend more money in the game.

Reliable data to scale marketing

By running experiments, creating their own benchmark, and also checking all the data against their internal systems, Gameberry were able to definitively confirm that Adjust provided them with the most accurate data.

With Adjust in place, Gameberry has scaled their marketing significantly, and allocated their budgets to make the most lucrative channels possible. They have since been able to build out LTV models which has helped them extend their user acquisition budgets knowing the true LTV of new users.

Sagar Barapatre

Head of Marketing, Gameberry

In addition, Adjust has enabled them to:

  • Establish a single source of truth that is transparent and trustworthy
  • Make better decisions based thanks to the accuracy that Adjust provides
  • Invest their budgets more precisely and increase ad spend by 60-70% month-on-month

Sagar Barapatre

Head of Marketing, Gameberry