Case Study: Garanti

About Garanti

Garanti Payment Systems, a subsidiary of Turkey's Garanti Bank, started providing services to the payment systems sector in 1999 and quickly rose to the forefront of its field. It is now widely respected as one of the most innovative developers of chipbased multi- and joint-branded card programs, business cards, virtual cards, POS Solutions and e-commerce services.

In 2015 they created a groundbreaking app, BonusFlas, combining all credit card and campaign information into one uniform app environment. The idea behind BonusFlas was to create a onestop-shop for credit card users where they can find credit card information and campaigns together and also to make payments easily.

The Challenge

Tracking traditional mobile campaigns alongside TV advertisements

Garanti Payment Systems needed to track all of its download channels from a single platform, and also needed to work with a partner with a straightforward and simple integration. Time was critical; they had huge targets to hit and they had little time to waste on a heavy integration process.

The main motivation to work with Adjust was the ability to track all marketing channels, including TV, from a single platform. Integration simplicity was a big advantage, with partner modules like Facebook and WyWy allowing an effortless set-up of each new performance channel.

They also tracked in-app events to understand the metrics that would quantify whether a user was engaged or not. For them, an engaged user is anyone who logs in to the app using a customer number or identity number.

In the beginning, the only real goal was to maximize number of installs.

The Solution

Using Adjust's extensive partner setup to fuel individual channels

Garanti Payment Systems implemented both ATL and BTL marketing strategies. After integrating Adjust, it started targeting existing credit card customers through call centers, branches, and ATMs. It was able to track the organic uplift using the cohort analysis.

On mobile, they worked with Google, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, and Shazam to drive installs, working with the Adjust partner modules and dynamic tracker links to seamlessly sync the install data and optimize campaigns.

Working with the WyWy partner module, they were able to track all of the installs that were delivered through television adverts.

After the initial launch success, Garanti shifted its focus away from just generating downloads to activation metrics like login rate. Garanti achieved this by tracking all the post install events and working with partners to optimize to its targets.

The Result

Garanti Increased 7 day retention of users coming from Television vs Organic users

BonusFlas has now had over 1 million downloads in the 75 days since launch. It ranked first in “Finance” and third in the “Free” category in the App Store, and first in “trending and top free apps” in the Play Store.

Being able to track its campaigns with such detail meant Garanti could measure its success promoting BonusFlas across all of its marketing channels. Surprisingly, Television performed very well, and, overall, it saw day seven retention rates that were up to 5% higher than its organic installs, 1.5 times more sessions per user, and longer time spent in each session.

Garanti has recently integrated deep links into its apps and have plans to start running large scale retargeting and re-engagement campaigns in the coming months.