Organizing your marketing channels – even TV – for better engagement

When Garanti Payment Systems released BonusFlaş, a groundbreaking finance app, they set big goals with small deadlines. To hit them, they worked with Adjust: by utilizing our extensive partner setup.

You'll learn how Garanti:

  1. Increased 7 day retention of users coming from Television vs Organic users
  2. Used Adjust's extensive partner setup to fuel individual channels
  3. Tracked and analyzed traditional mobile campaigns alongside TV advertisements

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The main motivation to work with Adjust was the ability track all of our download channels from a single platform. Integration simplicity and accuracy of data were a big advantage.

Ece Ozturk, Director of Digital Performance Marketing, Garanti
Garanti App Case Study

Garanti Payment Systems developed a groundbreaking finance app, BonusFlaş, which combines all credit card and campaign information into one app. The idea was to create a one-stop-shop for credit card users. Customers log into the app using their client ID and can instantly access any promotional programs, make payments, and browse deals.

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