Case Study: GetYourGuide

About GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is the internet’s largest booking platform for travel activities and offers more than 25,000 attractions, tours and activities in more than 2,400 destinations worldwide. Given the mobile nature of the traveler, GetYourGuide is also available on Android and iOS mobile devices, utilizing location-based technology to suggest all possible tours and attractions close by.

The app works in conjunction with their website, so their marketing efforts are extensively cross-promoted through email, online, social media and TV. GetYourGuide has also leveraged partner channels to drive app downloads through their strong web presence and relationship with TripAdvisor.

GetYourGuide focuses on not only user acquisition, but also engagement, using techniques such as deep-linking to optimize user experience.

The Challenge

Measuring the performance of every marketing channel

GetYourGuide needed to measure the efficacy of each component of their cross-platform advertising. Channels included Facebook mobile app install ads, AdWords, Trip Advisor, television advertising, promotional email download banner, the GetYourGuide homepage and a webpage footer promotion. Longterm, post-install user behavior from each creative and cohort was a given for lasting insights.

The Solution

What happened once GetYourGuide segmented and compared each new install

With adjust as the base, GetYourGuide integrated their channels into a single dataset. In-app, email and mobile web were tracked equally through flexible and extensible adjust trackers. On TV, they leveraged a close integration with RapidApe, and the MMP API allowed adjust to provide full visibility on Facebook Mobile App Install Ads.

Each new installation was segmented and cohorted, and compared on CPIs, conversion rates, LTV and daily retention rates. From these data points they are able to compare all marketing channels and optimize campaigns. Down to each creative, adjust provides extensive lifetime insights.

The Result

How GetYourGuide scored a 97% increase in app store rank

GetYourGuide were surprised to find that the old favorite, television commercials, proved to be the most dramatically successful means of advertising the mobile app and boost global ranking.

According to the database, GetYourGuide shot up from Global Rank position 71,664 to 2,063 on 27 May 2014. This was due to the success of a TV spot campaign that ran across Germany.

Their email and mobile web campaigns have also performed well in driving downloads. Thorough adjust's open source SDK capabilities and analytics partner integration, GetYourGuide has been able to enrich their data in other analytic platforms with the attribution information resulting in a complete dataset and a more comprehensive view.