Case Study: GudangAda

About GudangAda

GudangAda is a dominant player in Southeast Asia’s B2B e-commerce sector. Founded in Indonesia in 2019, the company’s growth has skyrocketed as the region embraces its advanced solutions for the supply chain ecosystem.

The e-commerce platform provides producers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers with an online wholesale marketplace for faster, smarter, and cheaper transactions. Traders are empowered to be both buyers and sellers as they can conduct multiple transactions simultaneously.  Additionally, GudangAda offers product storage and direct delivery services for its clients.

GudangAda’s tech solutions have helped connect hundreds of thousands of MSME businesses in over 500 cities. With 1,500 employees and counting, the company aims to become the largest B2B e-commerce infrastructure in Indonesia.

The Challenge

Despite its rapid growth, GudangAda’s marketing team lacked visibility on their user acquisition efforts. This is due to the fact that they didn’t have a way to measure and analyze the user acquisition data coming in from multiple advertising platforms.

This measurement gap was causing a major leak in GudangAda’s marketing budget in two ways. First, the marketing team didn’t have a tool to help it identify the best-performing channels and optimize accordingly. This meant it was likely overspending on low-performing channels and underspending on top-performing ones. Second, the team couldn’t identify users who had already uninstalled the company’s app and were, therefore, unable to successfully target them to bring them back to the company’s platform.

GudangAda required a mobile measurement tool to help it analyze its ad performances and identify the best users for its platform.

The Solution

GudangAda decided to partner with the mobile analytics platform Adjust to gain visibility in its marketing efforts. In doing so, the marketing team was able to assess and analyze user acquisition data across all channels and advertising platforms in one place, thus bridging its measurement gap.

Dian Paskalis

VP of Marketing & Digital, GudangAda

With Adjust’s Attribution solution, GudangAda could analyze the user journey from every possible channel to determine which channels performed best. And not only that, the e-commerce platform was able to use Adjust to look at granular creative data to discover which ads delivered the best users and optimize.

GudangAda also leveraged Adjust’s Audience builder to group users who had uninstalled the GudangAda app to create a remarketing segment. As the Audience builder updates every audience in real-time, the marketing team knew that their remarketing campaigns were reaching the right users.

The Results

With a comprehensive overview of its marketing efforts and user journeys, GudangAda was able to fully optimize its campaigns. This meant that the company was not only able to obtain more users but could also reach more active users, reducing acquisition costs and increasing user acquisition and retention rates.

Dian Paskalis

VP of Marketing & Digital, GudangAda

Since partnering with Adjust, GudangAda has:
  • Reduced online user acquisition costs by 67%
  • Increased online user acquisition rate by 300%
  • Increased online user retention rate by 200%