Case Study: Joom and Criteo

About Joom

Joom is one of the fastest growing international e-commerce platforms in the world. Its mission is to let users shop for anything at the best prices possible. To achieve this Joom cut out all the middlemen and bring together factories and merchants across the globe to sell straight to customers. Joom was launched in 2016, and within just a year of its start, succeeded in reaching 50 million users across the globe. Joom has raised $20 million so far. The core team consists of former employees of Yandex, Mail, Parallels and Kaspersky Lab.

About Criteo

Criteo is the advertising platform for the open Internet, an ecosystem that favors neutrality, transparency and inclusiveness. 2,700 Criteo team members partner with close to 19,000 customers and thousands of publishers around the globe to deliver effective advertising across all channels, by applying advanced machine learning to unparalleled data sets. Criteo empowers companies of all sizes with the technology they need to better know and serve customers.

The Challenge

Finding an app retargeting solution to improve marketing campaign performance

As an app-first business, Joom invested heavily in app acquisition to aid their expansion. However, these campaigns didn’t drive the customer retention they needed to support their key Customer Lifetime Value metric.

Joom sought out a partner that could help it reach their app users and encourage them to come back to the app regularly to purchase. Joom sells a large and diverse product set, so it was important to find a retargeting solution that would put the product front and centre.

The Solution

Taking advantage of the partnership between Criteo and Adjust

Joom was able to take advantage of an existing partnership between their Mobile Measurement Partner, Adjust, and Criteo to quickly and easily turn on Criteo App Retargeting campaigns. With Criteo App Retargeting, Joom was able to track shopper-level intent through the Adjust SDK and dynamically show the most relevant product to app users in an ad format they were most likely to engage with in real-time. Criteo also provided the scale Joom needed to expand their business rapidly across regions.

Adjust’s mobile attribution and analytics platform provided Joom with the valuable insights it needed to track campaign performance while managing campaign budgets in real-time. Joom is just one dataset of many, with Adjust sending Criteo over 300,000 events per minute.

The Result

Increasing ROAS by efficiently targeting users with relevant ads

“Criteo App Retargeting not only provides us with outstanding campaign performance compared to other retargeting solutions previously tested, it also provides us with the scale needed to expand rapidly into new regions. We see Criteo as a strategic partner that will be instrumental in helping us to continue to achieve our objectives as we expand to more regions in the future. The deep integration between Criteo and Adjust ensures that our marketing campaigns are leveraging all our in-app user activity in real-time, in a scalable and secure way.” Yuri Ivanov Co-founder, Joom.