Case Study: Karma Game

About Karma Game

Karma Game develop strategic games that are designed to strike the perfect balance between being fun to play but also challenging. Launched in 2019, their two titles Mythwars & Puzzles and Wild Frontier have already gained huge global popularity - and they’re continuing to grow. Based in Beijing, their goal is to create “better games for mature people,” that are not only enjoyable but memorable, inspiring long-term players all over the world.

The Challenge

Optimizing reporting to drive improved ROAS

Gaming is one of the most competitive verticals for app developers and ensuring that campaigns and reporting are optimized is central to driving success. Manually adjusting and optimizing of data and reports chews into time that could be better spent on strategic and creative marketing work.

As with the majority of developers in the gaming space, Karma Game’s key focus is on optimizing for a positive return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) - increasing user acquisition (UA) spend that needs to be constantly optimized to ensure that the right users are being acquired. This means that marketers must always keep a close, detailed eye on ad-spend. If they aren’t able to effectively manage UA spend, they run the risk of spending too much on channels and campaigns that don’t return high-quality users. While high cost-perinstall (CPI) is a normal part of UA strategy for mobile game developers, not managing it effectively means spending huge amounts on acquiring users that won’t generate the returns needed to drive growth.

When UA spend increases, the number of channels and networks used to acquire users also increases, which means that reporting becomes more complex and time-consuming. Karma Game recently increased the number of campaigns and creatives they were running on Facebook, which resulted in an increase in ROI. However, more channels, more creatives and more data also means an increase in operational time spent to manage it all. That’s why they were looking for a solution that would allow them to quickly and effectively compare performance and make adjustments to bids and budgets - all in one place. Comparing data from different platforms, countries, ad-groups, creatives, audiences and optimization goals can quickly become astronomical as businesses scale - and impossible to manage manually. They needed an all-in-one, automated solution. No more switching between dashboards and wasting marketing resources.

Vivien Wang

Marketing Director, Karma Game

The Solution

Gaining a competitive edge through campaign automation

Karma Game was looking for a fully automated solution for data reporting, ad optimization, real-time tracking of performance and fast adjustment of ads. Because of their focus on Facebook campaigns, and the previous problem of switching between dashboards to make manual changes, they were easily able to take advantage of Adjust Automate which aggregates all performance data (engagements, cost, revenue, retention, in-app events) and allows you to create custom reports, change bids and budgets of campaigns and set up ad spend optimization rules in real time. Facebook is a flagship partner with Adjust Automate and is conveniently plugged in. Adjust Automate was the perfect solution because they were immediately able to see all of their campaigns in tandem and make informed changes to bids and budgets in real-time.

Vivien Wang

Marketing Director, Karma Game

The Result

Fully-automated reporting and campaign management

Karma Game is now able to pinpoint campaigns that drive the most value. While they were previously only able to adjust campaigns every 1-2 days, they can now make changes in real-time and set-up optimization rules according to their own KPI goals. This not only means they continue to see improved ROAS, but they’ve freed up more time for strategic and creative work - they were spending up to 25% of their time managing data across dashboards and channels before working with Adjust Automate.

Vivien Wang

Marketing Director, Karma Game

Adjust Automate has resulted in:

  • Time spent on campaign management decreased by 67%
  • Increase in day 3 ROAS by 35% • Facebook ad-spend scaled by 2x while reducing manual input
  • New Facebook features tested during the usage of CC with promising results