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Case Study: Koo App

About Koo App

Launched in early 2020, Koo is an Indian microblogging and social networking platform based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The app allows users to post up to 400 characters at a time, along with images and other media links. Koo is available in 10 languages, including English, and they plan to add all of India's 22 official languages over a period of time. Koo expanded to Nigeria in 2021 and is planning to take the platform to more countries outside India where languages other than English are predominantly spoken. With 20 million downloads already, they expect to reach 100 million downloads by the end of 2022.

The Challenge

Social media platforms available in app stores offer similar features and ways to communicate, but only a select few have seen explosive global growth. For apps to succeed, they need to acquire genuine users with high lifetime value (LTV). That’s why the team at Koo is constantly improving its user acquisition (UA) strategy, user experience, and user retention rate to drive app growth.

To develop a user acquisition and retention strategy designed to acquire relevant users and keep them engaged in-app, it is essential to map out and understand the entire user journey based on installs across multiple channels. Thus, Koo recognized the need for a mobile measurement partner (MMP) like Adjust that would enable them to accurately attribute installs, protect data from fraud, and gain deeper insight into its marketing performance.

Ankitkumar Sharma

Growth Manager, Koo App

The Solution

By utilizing two key Adjust products—Measure and Fraud Prevention Suite—the Analytics team at Koo now has access to accurate and clean data, which has helped them make smart decisions, enabling them to invest in the right channels. Through Measure, they are able to capture data coming from their marketing channels and accurately attribute users to the right sources. It has also enabled them to aggregate data in real time and gain access to detailed reporting on essential and relevant metrics. This allows Koo's Analytics team to determine the sources that bring in high-quality users and the points in the user journey where churn occurs.

Being empowered to understand the outcome of their campaigns and marketing efforts meant that Koo has been able to build a solid UA and retention strategy based on reliable, accurate data, upon which they continue to optimize and improve.

Ankitkumar Sharma

Growth Manager, Koo App

Mobile ad fraud can hinder an app's growth by draining ad budgets and ruining data sets. To prevent this, Koo used Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite. In addition to filtering fraud, the Suite also filters out bad traffic sources. This helped Koo effectively reach real users and determine the right partners, giving them a competitive edge over other social media apps.

Adjust’s support and technical account management also made for a seamless and successful installation of the SDK. We spent time with Koo's team to ensure the setup was aligned with their goals, providing in-depth demos, strategic workshops, and deployment sessions.

Ankitkumar Sharma

Growth Manager, Koo App

The Results

Since partnering with Adjust, Koo has been able to optimize their UA and retargeting campaigns and make effective marketing decisions more efficiently. This has resulted in:

  • 50% increase in marketing efficiency
  • 100% increase in install volume
  • 8.6% increase in blocked fraudulent installs