Supercharging user LTV with retargeting

Supercharging user LTV with retargeting

You'll learn how Lovoo:

  1. Leveraged data for a 20% increase in retargeted users' LTV
  2. Used cohort analysis to create a 45% increase in session length
  3. They segmented, cohorted and compared each new install for better insights

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Retargeting is an extremely hot topic, and it’s heavy on the tech and data side. You need the right partners, ideas, and campaigns to get it off the ground. Once you do, the versatility and flexibility makes it one of my favorite tools.

Andre Kempe, Head of Performance Marketing,, Lovoo
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LOVOO is a free app that makes connecting with new people quick and easy. The live radar shows users who are nearby and lets you contact them directly. With over 23 million users, LOVOO is one of the most successful mobile social networks worldwide, and also has the most gross revenue for a non-gaming app in the German App Store. Since 2011, LOVOO has been available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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