Case Study: Mamboo Games

About Mamboo Games

Based in Dubai, UAE, Mamboo Games is a rapidly growing mobile gaming publisher. While most of its 24 games fall under the subvertical hyper casual, the company is also moving to include casual games in its portfolio. Mamboo Games has been a leader in the gaming niche hybrid casual games, offering top-performing titles such as Worm Out, Green button, and Shift race. The team is constantly testing out games in pursuit of new hits.

The Challenge

Mamboo Games knew monitoring campaign performance was key to success. Yet, the mobile measurement platform (MMP) it had partnered with proved insufficient in terms of data analysis and data accuracy. For example, the user acquisition team at Mamboo Games desired to drill down and see creative-level numbers for a campaign, but their initial MMP couldn’t provide these granular metrics.

The team also was unable to track clicks, impressions, and business-specific metrics that were critical to understanding the user journey. Moreover, Mamboo Games uncovered data inaccuracies from this MMP and found its support team often unavailable. Additionally, the gaming publisher wanted to increase the number of network partners it worked with but was limited by the MMP to a small number of partners. These pain points prompted Mamboo Games to look elsewhere for a better solution.

Maxim Sabadash

CTO, Mamboo Games

The Solution

In its quest for a more elevated MMP, Mamboo Games opted for Adjust’s mobile analytics platform. The gaming publisher cited that Adjust’s analytics solution, Datascape, played a significant role in the decision, as the solution allows it to view all its user acquisition data in one place. Given that Mamboo Games oversees many games with various marketing needs, the company found great efficiency in managing all campaigns across multiple channels within the Adjust platform. Other appealing factors included the number of metrics the team could track and the extensive list of network partners available within Adjust.

In short, the comprehensiveness of Adjust’s offerings solidified it as Mamboo Games’ ideal MMP, and it decided to migrate to Adjust. After a comprehensive onboarding and initial setup, the team at Mamboo Games was pleased to find that Adjust continued to set up monthly calls and workshops to ensure it was fully set up for success.

Dmitry Ambrazhei

UA Manager, Mamboo Games

The Results

Upon migration, Mamboo Games’ user acquisition team utilized Datascape’s analytics and custom dashboards daily. They found they could easily use it independently, or in tandem with their internal business intelligence system, depending on their needs. Accurate data from Adjust gave Mamboo Games the confidence needed to increase ad spend to optimize campaigns successfully. Similarly, the company was delighted to gain access to many more network partners than before, removing previous limitations and making room for additional growth.

Results of Mamboo Games partnering with Adjust:

  • Improved campaign performance, such as the game Worm Out, which more than doubled month-over-month installs
  • Increased network partners by 42%
  • Enjoyed dedicated and responsive support

Artur Beresnev

UA Manager, Mamboo Games

The team at Mamboo knows this is just the beginning of its growth with Adjust as it shares a powerful value — continual education. At Adjust, we strive to forge reciprocal relationships with our clients in which we listen to, value, and act on client feedback to ensure our products meet their needs. Our Customer Success Manager, Kirill Shumeykin, elaborates further, “Diving deeply into customer needs and focusing on their targets and KPIs is the key to customer success here at Adjust. We are always in touch and happy to provide all the necessary knowledge and materials in the blink of an eye. Educating our customers helps us to grow together with them.”