Case Study: Migros

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About Migros

Migros is ranked within the top 40 largest retailers in the world and they are also one of the largest retailers in Turkey accounting for 89% of the country’s market share through their wide range of shopping centers, wholesale stores and their mobile and online shopping brands Migros Sanal Market (, Macrocenter (, Tazedirekt ( and Migros Hemen available for iOS and Android only.

The case for switching to Adjust

In 2019, the digital marketing and data analytics division of Migros integrated with a mobile attribution provider. However they quickly realized that despite having deep linking technology at their core, this attribution provider wasn’t cut out to fit the more complex needs of an e-commerce giant like Migros.

Shortly after integration, Migros faced several challenges that severely impacted their business which ultimately led them to make a quickswitch to Adjust.

"The Adjust Dashboard is fast and is extremely customizable. Their detailed filters let us drill into our campaigns from all angles and group together pieces of data that make decision making easier."

Ibrahim Tecimen

Digital Marketing, CRM & Analytics Manager, Migros

Access to raw data

Firstly, they struggled getting raw data in real time. Migros processes millions of data points every day, and data from all of their properties including in-app, and online customer touchpoints is centralized in a single database for further analysis and decision making. Raw data empowers them to make decisions on their spending and budget allocation; without raw data, they’re unable to effectively allocate their budgets which leads to a drop in overall performance.

With Adjust, raw data is sent in real time directly to Migros internal systems in the form of raw data callbacks. By accessing their raw data settings through the Adjust dashboard, Migros controls the data points they want to receive and exactly where that data gets sent to.

Data accuracy and integrity

Equally important for Migros is accurate and trustworthy data. As the data is centralized from all their properties to their internal database for further analysis, the data they base their decisions on needs to be accurate. Naturally, they process data in their local currency, the Turkish Lira, but their previous attribution provider was limited to just reporting in the US Dollar. Migros had to manually convert their cost and revenue data by keeping track of daily conversion rates in a separate excel sheet for historical reporting. This manual work ate up time that could have been spent doing more strategic work.

Adjust supports over 150 different currencies for reporting, so companies like Migros can receive all of their revenue data in their local currencies.

"Not having to manually figure out the right currency has saved a lot of time, and to be honest, headaches from the team.”

Ibrahim Tecimen

Digital Marketing, CRM & Analytics Manager, Migros

iOS Tracking

The final setback for Migros was an inability to solve an issue they faced with iOS tracking. For weeks on end, Migros wasn’t receiving data for any of their iOS campaigns - which impacted overall marketing ROI and was increasingly frustrating. They weren't able to figure out why the tracking wasn’t working on their own and they repeatedly reached out for help, and received no support in the issue. This was the final straw that led Migros to switch to Adjust.

“Data fuels our business, and when we were missing iOS data it made us start to question what other data we could be missing too. Adjust has proven to be the most accurate solution we’ve used.”

Ibrahim Tecimen

Digital Marketing, CRM & Analytics Manager, Migros

Life with Adjust

Client queries never go unanswered at Adjust. The Adjust support team has a deep understanding of all Adjust products, despite their complexity.

“With Adjust, getting support was never an issue. There hasn’t been a single query where we waited more than half an hour to an hour for a response from them.”

Ibrahim Tecimen

Digital Marketing, CRM & Analytics Manager, Migros

When Migros made the switch, Adjust offered a complete step-by-step integration process that supported all the stakeholders to make the transition as quick and easy as possible. The Migros team now receives regular updates and support from a dedicated account management team.

“The team at Adjust has been extremely helpful in getting us set up whether that meant working with our developers on implementation or doing back to back calls showing us how to get the most out of the dashboard.”

Ibrahim Tecimen

Digital Marketing, CRM & Analytics Manager, Migros