Breaking out of brick and mortar banking with mobile first solutions

How to grow a user base by utilizing Adjust’s deep integration with Facebook.

You'll learn how Monzo:

  1. Utilized Adjust’s deep integration with Facebook
  2. Worked with callbacks to sync data to their own database
  3. Decreased their CPA by 50% through granular reporting

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Facebook is one of the most important communication channels for us, Adjust’s deep integration made our work fast and easy. We were able to unlock and reach new targeting groups and increase our growth tremendously"

Tristan Thomas, Head of Marketing, Monzo Bank
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Monzo is revolutionising the way we bank. By offering a completely app-only banking experience, they are an exciting and remodelled alternative to the banking systems of the past. Instead of solely focusing on selling financial products, they are instead focused on improving the user experience by offering easy to use, mobile adapted banking services. Monzo is a smart bank for the mobile generation.

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