Case Study: OuiCar

About OuiCar

Established in 2007, OuiCar is the leading person-to-person car rental company in France, with more than 35,000 cars available throughout the country. With over two million users, the app allows car renters to find vehicles suiting their needs, book them online and connect with owners to start the ride.

The Challenge

Propel growth through user acquisition

Mobility is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the last decade. New players launch themselves into the market, challenger companies strategize how to snatch more market share, and traditional services struggle to stay afloat. Although completely different in nature, one opportunity is common to all: mobile-driven growth.

For vehicle rental companies, mobile has represented an opportunity to reinvent their business-model, invest in frictionless customer experiences and, as a result, scale.

Louise Delamare

Head of Acquisition, Ouicar

User acquisition (UA) is essential in scaling any mobile business, as bringing in users from new channels means continually growing an app’s customer base. UA strategies should always be data-based, meaning the guess-work is removed and that it’s straightforward to determine which channels and campaigns are performing.

Being clever to invest in the right channels that were driving high-quality users to their app, OuiCar saw their install numbers climb sharply. However, ad fraud is prevalent and can get in the way of even the best user acquisition strategies. Fraud continues to grow every year, and it's expected to reach U$ 44 billion in 2022.

Quickly enough, OuiCar realized their numbers were not adding up. Although the company saw growing numbers every month, their revenue didn't follow the same trend.

The Solution

Steering budgets away from fraud

When downloads are your main KPI, fraudulent installs don't immediately appear too bothersome. However, when other variables come into play, the symptoms of fraud become easy to notice.

Once OuiCar defined rentals as their north star metric, then soon realised: when there were a high number of downloads, the cost per acquisition was far too high and the impact of fraudulent downloads became apparent.

After implementing Adjust's Fraud Prevention Solution, the company was able to pinpoint the campaigns bringing in fraudulent users, and turn them off with the click of a button, saving budgets that otherwise would go down the drain and protecting datasets from becoming skewed.

Louise Delamare

Head of Acquisition, Ouicar

The Result

Free road to customer satisfaction

Life before Fraud Prevention at OuiCar could be summarized as such: inaccurate acquisition results, dashboards that did not reflect the revenue, and optimization leading in the wrong directions. For Louise and her team, the implementation of Fraud Prevention was a watershed moment.

A tool like Fraud Prevention gives you the complete clarity needed to make the right decisions: OuiCar are now able to spend more time investing in customer satisfaction and user experience. As a result, they’ve seen an increase in active users.

The marketing team was also able to negotiate higher budgets for media because spending was always in line with profits, and cost per acquisition was no longer a surprise.

Their efforts resulted in:

  • Saved 10% of our media budget by rejecting fraudulent installs
  • Increased installs by 6% as a result of reinvesting the saved budget
  • Rejected over 12% of paid installs, of which 80% were due to click spamming implement real-time changes to CPI