Case Study: QuackQuack

About QuackQuack

QuackQuack is a dating and matchmaking app in India. Since launching in 2010, they have grown to become one of the leading dating platforms in the country, boasting 15 million chats exchanged per month. Meanwhile during the COVID-19 lockdown, they have seen an 80% increase in their number of daily new users. That’s a significant leap— 9 million registered seekers of love, and counting.

Gaining traction in the Indian dating market wasn’t an easy process. With traditional perspectives around dating still prevalent throughout the culturally-rich nation, it took some time to establish trust and credibility with nascent users looking to find their romantic partners. Thanks to big branding campaigns and due diligence to understand the demands of the market in India, companies like QuackQuack, Tinder and Bumble have an established role in dating culture across the country.

With a 10-year milestone under their belt, QuackQuack has a deep understanding of the best ways to communicate with their current and prospective users. They use data to understand what these users are really looking for in order to create the most fulfilling in-app experience. Getting to this stage took a lot of trial and error and it all started with finding the right channels to acquire their target audience.

Matchmaking for your dream network with Adjust’s cost data metrics

The driving factor that led us to choose Adjust as our attribution partner is the ability to view aggregated cost data in the dashboard itself, so that we can gain a deeper understanding of which users bring the most value and monitor all of our campaign activity in one place. This information is crucial in making sure we spend our budgets wisely.

Anil Naik

Digital Marketing Manager, QuackQuack

With 6 million of their 10 million registered users coming just from the Google Play Store alone, it’s clear why QuackQuack invests heavily in their mobile marketing efforts. Their data-driven approach stems from the core of their business: using data to match singles. The dating app uses key data points like city, age group and personal interests to help singles find a potential love interest. To put it perhaps less romantically, that’s a lot of data points to match!

As a tech company at heart, matching people based on their profile wasn’t a challenge. They’ve built complex algorithms and have dedicated data science teams that continuously monitor and update these to drive the best results possible. The real challenge was finding the right marketing channels to acquire the right users.

The overall nature of any online dating platform attracts more men than women. In reflection of this, QuackQuack’s user acquisition strategy is twofold: they run separate campaigns for both men and women and use different performance metrics to benchmark success. In an effort to balance out the male to female ratio, QuackQuack places an emphasis on acquiring new female users over male users. For that reason, they measure top of the funnel metrics for female-centric user acquisition campaigns, like registrations, while they look at bottom of the funnel metrics like ROAS for male targeted campaigns. Their marketing approach for each audience is unique too, incorporating varied creatives, messaging, and even using different channels of acquisition. Their primary channels to reach female users are major social networks, like Google and Facebook, along with other third party ad networks.

QuackQuack started working with Adjust in January 2020 in order to measure their mobile marketing campaigns. More importantly, they chose to work with Adjust because of the granular cost data reporting capabilities. Getting a holistic view of their marketing efforts meant they didn’t need to navigate between multiple dashboards, and the process of analyzing and experimenting with different networks became more efficient.

Testing the chemistry with this newfound UA connection

We saw the opportunity to place meaningful and engaging ads in front of high value customers, and we were curious to investigate further. Thanks to Adjust data, we started to navigate more clearly and test the waters with an exciting and new channel. We could keep close tabs on its success and pivot our strategy with creatives and messaging quickly based on the granularity of data we were receiving.

Anil Naik

Digital Marketing Manager, QuackQuack

QuackQuack was keen to test out new platforms and see their potential when it came to bringing in new female users. They started running ads on a few new platforms with small budgets at first. Using cost and revenue data from Adjust in addition to post-install event callbacks, they were able to identify a specific channel as the best way to reach female audiences and scale their campaigns.

A match made thanks to granular data access

After using Adjust’s user-level cost and revenue reporting, QuackQuack saw the high number of female user registrations coming from this new channel and decided to shift their budgets from other partners to scale their campaigns with the network giving them the best results.


  • 45% increase in new female users while maintaining the same budgets
  • Decreased acquisition costs by 20% with a new channel compared to other platforms
  • Managing more budgets wisely for ROAS-based campaigns thanks to having access to partner-level cost and revenue data