Case Study: Taimi

Taimi is the first LGBTIQ+ social network and dating app in the marketplace, focused on building long-term relationships and community building. Launched in 2017, it has quickly grown to be one of the most popular gay dating apps in the marketplace. In a landscape filled with dating apps - both gay and straight - that are more focused on facilitating casual encounters, Taimi offers a different experience to LGBTIQ+ individuals by encouraging their users to express themselves and create moments that evolve into lasting relationships.

The Challenge

What it means to be data-driven

With Taimi, it’s not just about attribution, it’s also about finding a partner who could help them enable data- driven campaigns to establish a foothold in a crowded marketplace. Their team is full of smart, creative UAs who needed raw data to build their marketing models.

One of the major requirements was having a partner that matched their marketing strategy. Taimi relies heavily on video advertising, which meant that accurate and reliable view-through attribution is a requirement in order to properly measure the impact of their video campaigns.

They started asking around for someone who could help power their campaigns. They needed a partner who could enable them to measure the effects of their mobile efforts, and someone who could provide accurate data without charging extra for it or making them jump through hoops to access it.

The Solution

Making rip-and-replace less painful than it sounds

Adjust’s data-driven philosophy was a perfect match for Taimi’s approach to mobile marketing. Their requirements (seamless raw data access and data accuracy) and Adjust’s smooth migration process (their data import process was finished in one day instead of one week) were things that ultimately drove their decision to go with Adjust.

Adjust’s unlimited and complimentary raw data access allowed them to see exactly where their most engaged users are coming from. Unlimited raw data callbacks are used to feed all relevant data points directly into Taimi’s business intelligence systems, fueling their models and allowing for deep analysis, segmentation, and strategy to be implemented without a hitch.

Adjust’s view-through attribution was another key factor in their switch. With Adjust’s view-through attribution, Taimi can more accurately analyze the results of their video promos and make better- informed budgeting decisions from this data.

Working with Adjust’s Senior Sales Engineer Gleb Ezhov, Taimi imported over one million existing installs onto our platform. Doing this prevented install duplication from happening and allowed Taimi to retain their models that were still using historical data.

The Result

Empowering growth with better and more accurate measurement

  • Taimi increased ROI by 5% after switching to Adjust
  • Taimi improved their in-house fraud detection and cut fraud by 30%
  • Taimi improved attribution accuracy by 12%

One of the immediate insights Adjust provided was more accurate attribution. By leveraging their in-house data and Adjust’s technology, Taimi properly attributed 12% of previously organic installs to other paid sources, which helped reevaluate the value of some of their campaigns and provided important insights to future budgeting.

Adjust’s data also enhances Taimi’s in-house fraud prevention, providing crucial information such as install times and geo stamps to highlight bad installs and streamline their chargeback process. Since integrating Adjust, Taimi cut fraud by 30%.

With more clarity into the performance of their paid campaigns and shoring up their in-house fraud prevention, Taimi raised ROI by 5% after switching to Adjust.