Using creative level data to scale campaigns

About Tamatem

Tamatem is the leading mobile games publisher in the Arabic speaking market. Tamatem works hand in-hand with international developers to localize their games and make culturally relevant games for Arab gamers.

Tamatem's experience in localization, user acquisition, distribution, cross-promotion, monetization, community, support and whale management made them get their games on the top of charts, increase revenue and ensure its success in the Arabic market.

Tamatem's games include cards, MMO-RPG, strategy, puzzle, word, story based games and trivia games.

From measuring ad revenue, to measuring everything

Tamatem's journey started by developing casual games that were monetized primarily through ad revenue. These games had a lot of organic traction so Tamatem didn’t need to spend much on user acquisition [UA], hence there was no need for an attribution provider. In addition, Tamatem didn’t see the need to heavily rely on data to make decisions since the monetization models were not very sophisticated.

Within a few years, Tamatem started hitting a ceiling with in-app advertising revenues, as the market has low eCPMs in comparison to the US or Europe. Something else was needed to scale to new heights and led to a fundamental pivot for the company.

Instead of creating games from scratch, Tamatem decided to shut down developing games and began publishing mobile games from top developers all over the world. Tamatem’s focus was on publishing games with high ARPPUs to capitalise on the super whales unique to the region. This shift in monetization strategy required a larger organizational change, including increasing UA spend and adopting a data-driven approach to marketing.

To scale marketing and monetization profitably, Tamatem needed to integrate an attribution provider that could accurately measure in-app events, campaigns, channel ROI, and lifetime LTV. Tamatem integrated Adjust because of the ease of use, access to data and in-depth customer support.

After integrating Adjust, they launched “Fashion Queen”, the first ever female oriented game in the region, which was adapted from Nanobit’s “Hollywood story” and localized for the Arabic speaking region. In this game, users are confronted with a real-life situation where they create their own character and choose between a set of subsequent options to become the next big superstar. GIven a more competitive landscape and new target audience, it was more important than ever before that Tamatem relied on data to help them make this new title a success.

Lamia Shreim

Marketing Manager, Tamatem

Optimizing every step of the way

When Tamatem integrated Adjust, they made sure they were measuring all their key in-app events including levels completed, and in-app purchases.

Before a full global launch, Fashion Queen was soft launched within a few key countries in the GCC region. They enlisted a few trusted network partners for the launch with small budgets, they started to scale slowly.

Using Adjust Cohorts, they tracked the performance of these campaigns. They utilized Adjust statistics to analyze the performance of the creatives used for each ad group and again optimized based on performance. Using Adjust’s creative level trackers, they tasked their creative teams to create new variations of creatives so they could A/B test different elements that had been successful in converting users.

Lamia Shreim

Marketing Manager, Tamatem

Since this game was geared towards women, a first for Tamatem, they had to rely on fresh data to tell them what their users wanted because they didn’t have any historical data to look at. Variations in music, background colors, characters, wording, and much more were all included as part of the testing they measured with Adjust’s creative level tracking.

Leveraging data for scale

By leveraging all the data they received from Adjust, the team at Tamatem were able to optimize their creatives with elements that contributed to acquiring users with a higher retention rate. They were able to increase their Day 1 retention rate by 7% and LTV by 30% using these optimized creatives. Due to the success of the campaigns, the marketing budget has scaled successfully 5x since launch.

Lamia Shreim

Marketing Manager, Tamatem