Case Study: Teman Bumil

Teman Bumil

With a vision to support soon to be mothers and first-time mothers, Teman Bumil is the largest parenting app in Indonesia. Their app enables mothers to have around the clock support through information, a community, and even health care providers. In order to create meaningful moments with the mothers on it’s platform, Teman Bumil partnered with Adjust to track post-install behavior to inform their product roadmap. To ensure that the team at Teman Bumil is analyzing data of real users, Teman Bumil leverages the Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite to protect against fraudsters.

From Top of The Funnel to Middle

As is true of many early-stage products, Teman Bumil’s main focus was to acquire as many users as possible at a relatively low cost. With time, its user-base grew and the amount of data the team was capturing increased to significant proportions. Teman Bumil wanted to know as much about its users’ behavior as they could. By leveraging Adjust’s unlimited event tracking, the team created events for every possible touchpoint a user could make in her journey. This data gave the team insight into what kept user’s coming back to the app and inspired the product team to develop features that would push users from the top of the funnel to the middle.

Data Breeds Innovation

Now that Teman Bumil was looking at mid-funnel metrics like retention and session count, their objective was to have a healthy ratio of active users to total installs, and Adjust data was critical to assessing the behavior of it’s users. In an attempt to gather insight in a more detailed manner, Teman Bumil introduced a polling feature to get users feedback about their experience with the app.

The poll proved to be successful, with thousands of users engaging to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences with the app. As more and more users participated in the polls, the team stumbled upon an opportunity to harness this insight internally for product development, but also share this feedback with their partners. They started introducing weekly polls each week. To increase participation rates, they offered giveaways to users who completed a poll. This effort increased participation by 14%. It became clear that participation rate was a crucial element. By experimenting with A/B tests, Teman Bumil introduced new ideas to increase participation. For example, they wanted to test the idea of introducing a topic of interest to the poll so users would know what the poll would entail. Teman Bumil offered users two different types of polling: one including a headlining topic for the poll, and another without. By testing this new feature, Teman Bumil saw a 15% increase in participation from the group that was exposed to the poll topic. As per the conclusion, users are more keen to participate if they know what the topic is.

From Rags to Riches

What started off as a desire to continuously provide quality to its users, quickly grew into a new path to partnership and monetization. With the help of Adjust, Teman Bumil was able to track how users reacted to polls, where they dropped off, completion rates and so forth. With this insight, they were able to optimize the user experience and increase participation rates even more. As they grow to become even more sophisticated in their tracking, Teman Bumil segments users based on polling activity and leverages Adjust’s user-level cost data to calculate average revenue per user and ultimately ROI. A focus on listening to the users has enabled Teman Bumil to grow it’s community, platform, and benefits for Indonesian mothers.

As a tech company, our foundation is built on our technology which is influenced by data coming from our users. Our goal is to provide valuable content that our users want. And the only way we could quickly understand our users’ needs is by analyzing the data.

Robyn Soetikno

Founder, Teman Bumil