Case Study: Adjust x TikTok x LoadComplete

About LoadComplete

LoadComplete is a distinguished global game developer headquartered in Korea, renowned for its commitment to crafting immersive and enjoyable mobile content that brings fun to everyday life through the fusion of innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology.

Since its inception in December 2009, LoadComplete has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry, creating a portfolio of universally beloved titles including Bumping Bear, Playkalay, Tap Tap Hero, and Disco Panda.

The challenge

LoadComplete wanted to enhance its mobile gaming presence in Canada and the U.S., with a strategic vision of achieving lower cost-per-purchase while increasing conversion rates for its mobile gaming offerings in these North American markets.

The company faced fierce competition in the mobile gaming sector, evolving user preferences, and the ever-shifting dynamics of the advertising landscape. Navigating these complexities while striving to meet their ambitious cost-efficiency and conversion goals demanded a comprehensive and adaptive strategy.

The solution

By partnering with Adjust and TikTok for Business, LoadComplete successfully achieved its campaign performance objectives. To optimize the results of its campaign for idle RPG game "Legend of Slime," LoadComplete worked with mobile measurement partner (MMP) Adjust to create their iOS14 Dedicated Campaign.

Through a strategic combination of App Event Optimization (AEO) and App Profile Page tactics, LoadComplete honed its focus on in-app purchases (IAPs) within the TikTok platform. Notably, LoadComplete capitalized on high-intent actions derived from the App Profile Page's onsite signals for lower funnel optimization, resulting in an exceptionally efficient AEO campaign performance.

Furthermore, LoadComplete harnessed Adjust for broad targeting and lowest-cost bidding, skillfully maximizing the volume of conversions. The customization offered by App Profile Pages proved instrumental in conveying key game information to potential customers, highlighting essential elements such as ratings, number of ratings, and the game's free price, fostering trust and interest.

The results

With the help of Adjust and TikTok, LoadComplete was able to:

LoadComplete continues to develop a diverse range of special games, catering to a global audience of discerning gaming enthusiasts seeking unparalleled entertainment experiences on iOS and Android devices.