Case Study: Vinted

About Vinted

Vinted is a marketplace for second-hand fashion, helping more than one and a half million users trade and swap fashion and clothing on their mobile devices every month. The app was launched in June 2013, and today commands a global rank position in the top 6% with 75% highly positive reviews.

The Challenge

Delivering unique user experiences and decreasing the time to first purchase

Vinted had a problem: their ads were succeeding in bringing users, but the time to first purchase was too long. The team had already optimized creatives and ad targeting on many of their channels, and while there were still tweaks here and there, the efficacy of pre-install activity was maximized.

So the team turned its attention to the post-install activity, focusing on the onboarding process. Users had installed the app, but then what? Knowing that something better than a generic onboarding process might be able to push users further along the conversion chain, Vinted began using Adjust's real-time data to kick-start a new onboarding process, tailored to the user's interaction with the app prior to install. Adjust’s data would tell Vinted exactly what creative the user saw, which format, and on which channel, and then use that information to create a bespoke experience.

The Solution

Using callbacks to customize onboarding process

When a user installed Vinted’s app, Adjust delivered data on the original creative to the app, structured as the UA team needed via flexible and automatic tracker generation. Vinted then setup a delegate callback function in its SDK that, upon every tracked event, received and handled up-to-date tracking parameters from Adjust’s servers.

In the app, Adjust’s callbacks checked for instructions or parameters in the tracking data to use for the customized onboarding. Vinted used this feature to bring up a certain product category or brand in a search in the app — allowing the company to implement a single method and reuse it for every campaign with similar tracking parameters.

The Result

Leveraging in-app data for better campaign performance

Vinted started a small-scale test to collect some data on the effectiveness of this new setup, using social campaigns advertising a category-specific message with content available in the app. Using Adjust APIs, Vinted pulled the campaign names and generate the onboarding process within a second of the first app open.

After a few days, the results were astonishing. Even with Vinted’s small-scale tests, conversion from install to buyer jumped by 77% above the campaign average at the time.

Users entered the app, immediately greeted by a message that carried over from their initial touchpoint. By reducing the distance to finding that same set of products again, users could seamlessly continue the purchasing journey.

Adjust's real-time in-app data API is available to any client out-of-the-box in our open SDK, and has been used by many clients to implement smoother flows for social referrals, couponing and complex deep linking.