How Vinted's tailor-made onboarding resulted in a 77% increase in conversions

Vinted had a problem: their ads were succeeding in bringing users, but the time to first purchase was too long. To optimize their onboarding process, the team turned to Adjust. By utilizing both real-time campaign data and data received through delegate callbacks, Vinted renewed their onboarding process, delivering unique user experiences and decreasing the time to first purchase – all the way to a 77% increase in conversion-to-buyer.

You'll learn how Vinted:

  1. Used Adjust's delegate callbacks to customize onboarding within a second after app open
  2. Tracked which creative users saw on which channels to target product recommendations
  3. Leveraged in-app data for better campaign performance

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We plugged our source data from existing campaigns right into the app, seamlessly carrying on a conversation from the ad campaign down to the first purchase. Within the first initial tests, the conversion to buyer jumped up by 77 %. Let’s say that’s enough to make sure we’ll be building this out for heavy production use.

Tautvydas Gylys, Product Manager, Vinted
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Vinted is a marketplace for second-hand fashion, helping more than one and a half million users every month trade and swap fashion and clothing on their mobile devices. The app was launched in June 2013, and today commands a global rank position in the top 6 % with 75 % highly positive reviews.

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