Case Study: Vivino

Increased month-to-month marketing budget by 300%

Increased orders attributed to performance channels by 500%

Increased number of annual partners by 300%

About Vivino

Founded in 2010, Vivino is a wine app and marketplace with over 50 million users and 12.5 million wines in its catalogue. Aiming to help people pick and enjoy the perfect bottle of wine, Vivino offers a unique and tailored shopping experience using data points such as average user ratings, reviews, and price - all of which are provided by its growing community of wine drinkers.

After gaining popularity as one of the top wine discovery apps, Vivino slowly shifted their focus towards becoming the world’s largest online wine marketplace. They now sell wine in 18 different countries across Asia, the Americas, and Europe and have over 500 merchants and 130 employees. Vivino is currently concentrated on growing its presence in existing markets and increasing the overall volume of wine orders.

The Challenge

When Vivino’s business model was centered on being a successful wine scanner tool, they spent most of their marketing budget on user acquisition (UA) strategies and app installs. As they expanded the e-commerce side of their business, they increasingly invested in driving more orders.

To boost wine sales on the app, it was essential for Vivino to segment new and existing users. While they encouraged new users to scan their first bottle and give a rating or review to activate them, they suggested personalized wine recommendations to frequent purchasers. The importance of mapping a user’s entire journey in-app became increasingly apparent as they realized their need to properly determine cost metrics and LTV models and improve their retargeting strategies to re-engage users. But without any connection between tools, they didn’t have a holistic marketing stack enabling them to track who, when and how users were buying bottles of wine. This is where Vivino recognized the need for a mobile measurement partner like Adjust.

Sebastien Damas

Senior Manager, Performance Marketing

The Solution

With Adjust’s Measure and Audience Builder, Vivino had a clearer picture of where installs were coming from, and how users interacted with the app and made purchases. By comparing the behaviors and patterns across cohorts, they uncovered some invaluable, key user metrics. They found, for example, that 95% of app users had scanned a bottle of wine.

Sebastien Damas

Senior Manager, Performance Marketing

Adjust’s solution enabled Vivino to separate the original attribution for an install from cross-partner and retargeting campaigns. Access to all the raw user data also helped them analyze which retargeting campaigns were working well and which partners were bringing in the most conversions and driving incremental revenue. This data was simplified and then passed on to different partners for campaign optimization. Vivino now also uses the Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite to detect and prevent mobile ad fraud in real-time.

The Result

Since implementing Adjust’s solutions, Vivino’s ad spend has been significantly more efficient. As a result, the team has been able to increase its marketing budget and add more tech and automation solutions to grow across channels.

Since working with Adjust, Vivino has increased its:
  • Month-to-month marketing budget by 300%
  • Orders attributed to performance channels by 500%
  • Number of annual partners by 300%