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Welcome to the Global App Trends report, the latest edition in Adjust's global benchmark series. The report provides an in-depth look into how the App Economy flourished in 2018 — exploring how verticals and countries performed throughout the year: showing which apps, and places, grew with increased mobile adoption in 2018.

Data from Adjust — which includes the top 1,000 performing apps on the platform, spanning over 7 billion installs and 120 billion sessions — shows that consumers globally are choosing apps as their main means of navigating the world, making purchases both big and small, and forging connections from afar. The report reveals how people really interact with their apps, allowing mobile marketers to make better-informed decisions based on comparable data.

What stands out this year? Read on to get a preview of the report.

Day 7 app retention

By Day 7, fundamental shifts in app retention have taken place. News (31%) and Comics (28%) apps have the highest retention rates seven days after install. Each has around 2.2 sessions per day on average, overtaking Casino games and Dating as the highest retaining app verticals.

The importance of retention differs depending on the type of app. Want to look beyond Day 7 to find out what happens right after install? Or maybe a long-tail, 30-day view is more important for your comparisons. Download the report to gain these insights and more.

App growth in 2018

A look at app growth by vertical shows that Mid-core Games experienced a massive rate of growth in 2018, at 18.52 on our Growth Index score (a new inclusion in this year’s report). This is the highest install base of any app, which can be linked to the rise of Battle Royale and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Other top growth app verticals include Ride-hail apps, and Sports Games.

The report goes beyond vertical with a look at country growth too. Get the report now to find out the fastest growing countries.

Time spent in apps

App engagement is at an all-time high, but how do users really spend their time? Adjust’s Global App Trends report lays out a day in the life of applications, charting the percentage of time, per hour, an app is in use.

During a day of typical global app use, Comics, Mid-core Games and Casual Games were the most active apps throughout the week. Depending on app vertical, the time of use fluctuates: Comics owes its popularity to late night readers, while News readers tend to be active at 7 a.m. Gamers are playing at all hours — to find out more, get your copy of the report today.

The wr-app up

The Adjust Global App Trends 2019 covers much more than the excerpts here. You can find out country-specific insights, what industry experts have to say about our findings, and a transparent overview of mobile in 2018 — all in one PDF.

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