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The Mobile Growth Map helps you navigate the global growth markets and opportunities for your app. The report delivers the latest Adjust data and insights to shine a light on app market trends such as performance data that compared paid and organic sources, helping marketers divide their efforts between advertising and ASO.

Using data from over 3,000 apps that track their attribution with Adjust doesn’t just show that the Asia Pacific region is ripe for growth. It also calls out the massive (and lucrative) growth potential of India, Indonesia and Singapore, as well as what you need to know and watch to ensure your app is a high performer. Finally, the report provides you a world tour of the markets that make a difference to you — no matter your app goal or app category, by comparing the strong similarities and differences between these markets. Just for starters, we look at how crazy South America is for E-commerce, and why the Middle East leads in Utilities uptake.

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Adjust Growth Score reveals fastest-growing markets for your app

The Growth Score charts the rise of apps in global markets. By looking at installs vs. monthly active users, we see the rate of growth of each app in each market. We use this data to identify where a release might sink or swim. What are the stand-out stats you need to know? The fastest-growing markets for apps released in 2018 include Vietnam, Thailand and Brazil, as well as mobile industry growth in India. Asia-Pacific dominated growth, with three of the top five fastest nations coming from APAC.

Make way for a new metric: The Retention Factor

Today, user retention is a critical way for driving growth of companies of every scale. Companies know that even a fractional increase in customer retention leads to an exponential increase in profits. In mobile, it's much the same. With this in mind, Adjust has developed a new metric to measure this impact, called the Retention Factor. The Retention Factor compares the number of users who churn from organic sources to paid, showing the quality of your organics vs. the effectiveness of your paid campaigns. On average, organic users retain better (around 3% on average). Currently, users in Vietnam, UAE and Egypt perform much better organically, with dramatically lower paid retention than elsewhere.

Paid vs. organic installs over time

“When” do marketers start their paid activities after release? Thanks to our findings, we can show the share of paid vs. organic installs over time, revealing exactly when marketers spend on advertising after their app is released. As our research shows, each vertical performs differently. For example, while Entertainment apps spend heavily on advertising to get user interest early on, E-commerce apps drive few installs from advertising in the first weeks, increasing spend over time. This suggests organic reach (and positive influence on user behavior) is quite high for E-commerce, but needs to be supplemented by paid campaigns as time goes on.

Ready for launch?

The Mobile Growth Map is essential for marketers planning their next move, and it is also provides a valuable how-to for companies planning a soft launch, or think about your app in whole new regions. There’s value for app marketers at every level of an organization.

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