How to maximize your ROI with customer churn prediction & retargeting strategies

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Often taking a backseat to user acquisition, retaining customers has become just as crucial. Churn prediction and retargeting strategies have evolved into critical tools for app marketers looking to reduce customer attrition while maximizing their ROI.

Join mobile experts from Adikteev, M&C Saatchi Performance, and Adjust as they delve into actionable strategies and techniques to help you proactively identify and mitigate customer churn, while optimizing your efforts to re-engage and retain valuable users.

Watch today and take a significant step towards mastering the art of customer retention!

Key Takeaways

Adrienne Rice

Director of Media Investment, Americas, M&C Saatchi Performance

Clement Favier

Chief Operations Officer, Adikteev

Gijsbert Pols

Director of Connected TV & New Channels, Adjust

Dunya Mahmood (Moderator)

Product Marketing Associate, Adjust

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