A marketer’s guide to measurement & reporting post-ATT

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Privacy changes on iOS 14 are reshaping the mobile ecosystem and how to measure app marketing success. Adjust and Twitter are here to make sure your app is set up for growth after iOS 14. Join us for a conversation around what these changes mean for mobile marketers, iOS 14+ campaign best practices, and answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received about app-tracking transparency.

Whether you're a beginner in mobile marketing, or an experienced growth marketer, this is a session not to miss.

Things you can expect to learn from this session

  • Twitter and Adjust iOS 14 solutions

  • How App campaigns have changed post-ATT

  • iOS 14+ campaign best practices

  • Commonly asked questions

Kamara Benjamin

Group Product Manager, Performance Ads, Twitter

Nicoline Strøm-Jensen

Key Technical Account Manager, Adjust

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