An app marketer’s guide to powering up your festive season campaigns

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Get ready to take your app on a path to spectacular growth during this festive season in India, as the excitement of the festivities combines with thrilling cricket action.

Adjust and MAAS Platform are delighted to bring to you a special edition of festive season webinar for app marketers. Join us as we dive into the remarkable opportunities that await you!

Our distinguished panel of experts will provide you with a holistic approach to drive app conversions.

Things you can expect to learn from this session:

Akshay Sharda

Senior Marketing Manager, Games24x7

Tejasvi Batria

Director - Growth & Marketing, KUKU-FM

Isha Akhairamka

Associate Director - Sales, MAAS Platform

Kapil Bonde

Market Evanglist - INSEAU, Adjust

Vineet George

Sr. Account Executive - India & SA (MODERATOR), Adjust

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