Mobile-first Banking: Snapshots & Predictions

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Adobe & Adjust are joining forces to discuss key findings and insights from Adjust's Global App Trends and Adobe's Digital Trends Reports. The conversation will focus on the app usage patterns and habits that changed drastically in 2020, most notably in the fintech vertical, which has seen historic growth over the past 18 months.

As mobile becomes the primary channel for customer interactions, Christopher Young from Adobe will discuss his recommendations for thriving in this new ecosystem, and further explore the shift of the mobile experience from money movement toward helping consumers make smarter financial decisions.

Things you can expect to learn from this session

  • How do apps in the fintech space evolve to meet the changing digital landscape

  • How do legacy banks work to compete with digital-first businesses and neo banks

  • How much the global mobile payment market size is expected to grow by 2027

Christopher Young

Director Industry Strategy & Marketing, Financial Services, Adobe

Lokesh Bidhan

Senior Director of Partnerships, Adjust

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