Empowering app marketers with Datascape and Cohort Analysis

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Finding answers and taking immediate action on your data has always been essential in the mobile marketing ecosystem. The success of any mobile app in today's dynamic industry depends on the ability to make smart, fast, data-driven decisions.

That's why we built Datascape, it provides app marketers with time-saving data reporting, visualization, and analysis tools across all data sources, and on one screen. This means that marketers can have complete oversight of business-critical KPIs and performance metrics — something that's become even more critical to data privacy-oriented app marketing strategies.

We also have a specific section for Cohorts analysis, easily spot trends in your cohorted user performance for all key KPIs with the analysis heat-map, or quickly visualize trends in your user retention by day.

You will learn:

Nishant Jeevan

Technical Account Manager

Chandan Kumar T N

Technical Account Manager

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