Navigating the economic crisis

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Finding answers and taking immediate action on your data has always been essential in the mobile marketing ecosystem especially during the economic crisis. The success of any app marketer who want to capitalize on the crisis and thrive in the mobile app economy depends on the ability to understand the market trends & opportunities to make smart, fast, data-driven decisions.

Adjust and mobupps invite you to this interactive live session that is delivered by experts in the field, who have experience of navigating and succeeding during an economic downturn in the mobile app industry and could provide their insights and best practices.

You will learn:

Akash Agarwal

Senior Manager Ecommerce, Lenskart

Kapil Bonde

Senior Market Evangelist - INSEAU, Adjust

Prem Pradeep

Growth Product Manager, IDP Education Limited

Shravan Shenoy

Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Affinidi

Yaron Tomchin

CEO, Mobupps

Vineet George

Senior Account Executive - India (MODERATOR), Adjust

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