The 4.0 Milestones of SKAN 4.0

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After announcing a teaser this summer at their Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple has released the SKAN 4.0 to much excitement and curiosity. The enhanced functionality of SKAN 4.0 aims to deliver the validation of advertisement-driven app installations with more granular insights and flexibility to advertisers while maintaining user privacy. There are a number of new features with SKAN 4.0, but what do they all mean? Which will have the biggest impact on campaigns? What needs to be done to get started? What are partners doing to prepare? How else can SKAN 4.0 data be leveraged for success?

For answers to these questions and more, join Adjust's Chief Product Officer, Katie Madding, along with iOS Product Manager, Sandra Johansson, and Director of Partnerships, Reggie Singh for The 4.0 Milestones of SKAN 4.0. In this webinar, these iOS experts will dissect the new features of SKAN 4.0 and their impact, walk through the four key steps advertisers need to take to get started, share their thoughts on the future of SKAN and iOS measurement, and address the most burning questions from Adjust clients throughout. Ready to get started with SKAN 4.0? So are we. Join us!

Key Takeaways

Katie Madding

Chief Product Officer , Adjust

Reggie Singh

Director of Partnerships, Adjust

Sandra Johansson

Product Manager, Adjust

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