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Adjust and Snap: Getting you ready for iOS 14

As the entire app ecosystem prepares for iOS 14 privacy changes, Adjust has been collaborating with Snap to make sure that our clients can transition seamlessly when the new rules come into force. A big part of this conversation has been making sure that our clients are supported when they use SKAdNetwork (SKAN).

Starting from February 18, SKAdNetwork will be available for all advertisers in Snapchat Ads Manager. For Adjust clients, we recommend that apps configure the integration with our SKAdNetwork solution and begin to test as soon as possible, to ensure no disruption to measurement or scale for app acquisition iOS 14 campaigns on Snapchat. In future, SKAdNetwork will be a requirement to access App Goal Based Bidding for iOS Campaigns on Snapchat.

Adjust’s SKAdNetwork solution will provide complete support for clients once they activate conversion value management, and configure conversion value mapping in the Snapchat partner module, within our dashboard and configure a Snap App ID for each app that advertises on Snapchat. Please note that these steps should be completed prior to launching SKAdNetwork ad sets in the Snapchat Ads Manager.

Our SKAdNetwork integration with Snapchat ensures:

  • SKAdNetwork conversion support — you can share your conversion value mapping with Snapchat once you have linked your Adjust events to standard Snapchat events in the Adjust dashboard.
  • SKAdNetwork raw data export — our Snapchat integration maps Snap-specific information from the network postback to Adjust placeholders. This lets you receive that data in your callbacks.
  • SKAdNetwork parity — Advertisers can be assured they’ll be able to continue to rely on Adjust’s SDK to ensure ads delivery, optimization, and measurement on Snap for iOS 14.
  • Consolidated third-party reporting — Advertisers can review their Snap data on their Adjust dashboards using the Datascape.

You can find more information on setting up Snap SKAdNetwork integration for your app in our Help Centre.

The changes also mean that all platforms serving ads and working with SKAdNetwork will need to integrate with a mobile measurement provider, allowing the MMP to manage the conversion bits. If not, potential conversion bit collisions could hinder advertisers from receiving accurate cross-platform measurement and analytics.

To learn more about how Snap is helping advertisers prepare for iOS 14, read their documentation here.

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