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Adjust Ignite: Empowering app marketers with insights and innovation

Getting together as a mobile community is invaluable for app marketers looking to remain at the cutting edge of industry innovation. That's where Adjust Ignite, a rich goldmine of industry intelligence, comes into play. For those unfamiliar with this groundbreaking event, Ignite is a relatively new entrant in the mobile marketing conference scene, with the inaugural event taking place in Tokyo earlier this year.

While new, Ignite is the latest installment in Adjust’s rich history of hosting industry-leading events. Mobile Spree, our previous flagship event, was put on hold during the pandemic. The birth of Ignite signifies a new spark and a fresh start, aligning with the ever-changing landscape of the mobile industry. It's a reflection of how Adjust and the industry have evolved together over the past few years.

Adjust leverages industry experts for actionable insights

The inspiration behind Ignite stems from recognizing the seismic shifts in the mobile marketing landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic and the rollout of Apple’s iOS 14.5 brought about unprecedented changes. Mobile marketers had to adapt quickly to new realities. Ignite was born as a response to these challenges, aiming to provide exclusive insights that empower marketers in the face of these—and any other—transformative developments.

What truly sets Ignite apart from other marketing conferences is that priority is placed on attendee value over sponsor-driven panels or product pitching. Not only do speakers go beyond the surface-level of topics, but Ignite tackles the perspectives of a wide range of mobile marketing roles and examines, in-depth, what we can expect to see across the industry in the next year or two.

Partners are carefully curated for the event, ensuring they offer unique perspectives for concentrated knowledge about technological developments and untapped opportunities. Moreover, Ignite dives deeper into industry topics, exploring the topics that matter, in the present and future–empowering attendees with information that will truly make a difference in their day-to-day roles.

Tips for first-time attendees

For those attending Ignite for the first time, the advice is simple but powerful: Come ready to learn. Ignite is designed to spark growth within the industry, and attendees can make the most of their experience by absorbing the insights and knowledge shared at the event.

Attendees should also maximize Ignite’s networking advantage. At each Ignite event, attendees have the opportunity to connect with their peers during happy hour. These gatherings provide a platform for mobile marketers to meet, share experiences, and discuss the challenges they face. Make the most of these conversations and connections!

Key topics and themes from recent Ignite events

To give you a taste of what Ignite has to offer, recent events across the globe have covered a broad range of topics including:

  1. In-depth sessions on SKAN 4 and Google Privacy Sandbox, addressing the complexities of these critical industry developments.
  2. Exploration of the many ways in which AI tools can enhance productivity with best practices for incorporating AI into your strategy.
  3. Strategizing with next-gen measurement, including media mix modeling and incrementality, to navigate budget allocation and measurement in an era where user and privacy are working with aggregated data is essential.

Adjust Ignite is a dynamic event that seeks to empower app marketers with actionable insights, foster meaningful connections, and keep industry professionals at the forefront of the rapidly changing mobile marketing landscape. As it continues to evolve and expand into new markets, Ignite promises to be an invaluable experience for anyone involved in the world of app marketing.

Our final Ignite of 2023 will be held in Shenzhen, China on December 5. Stay tuned for our 2024 event schedule coming early next year.

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