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Adjust partners with UNICORN for Connected TV (CTV) measurement

We’re excited to announce the latest in our slew partnerships designed to offer clients and partners unmatched ability to reach, target, and measure audiences on Connected TV (CTV). We’ve now officially teamed up and integrated with marketing automation platform UNICORN to provide Adjust clients with the ability to measure the effectiveness of their CTV campaigns, and visualize the data.

The number of people owning CTV devices and engaging with CTV content on a daily basis is increasing rapidly. This makes it more important than ever to incorporate the channel into your strategy, to develop a channel mix that delivers you the highest quality users, and to successfully attribute and measure those users from impression through to post-install.

Working with UNICORN and Adjust

UNICORN is the largest marketing automation platform for mobile apps in Japan. UNICORN also focuses on ad fraud protection, and supports clients in strategic decision making by providing a broad range of promotion destinations, and guidance in defining KPIs. Since December 2020, UNICORN has also been providing digital ads video format to the CTV inventory of Google's ad network. The programs and content that can be distributed to include Asahi Broadcasting Television, TV Tokyo, and Nippon Television. As of January 2022, UNICORN's inventory of CTV ads can deliver 5.3 billion impressions per year, with a maximum of approximately 450 million impressions per month.

Sho Yamada


It is expected that CTV advertising will become more and more popular in Japan, which is already a huge CTV / OTT market. In Japan, where mobile penetration is very high, cross-device measurement is essential for advertisers to succeed. Measuring mobile conversions for CTV ad campaigns using Adjust's Connected TV measurement solution is essential for improving CTV ad performance and optimizing campaigns through AVOD services.

To strengthen your advertising strategy and CTV presence in the Japanese market, our Help Center provides everything you need to get started with UNICORN campaigns and Adjust measurement. You can also read all about our CTV AdVision solution here.

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