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Adjust x Vibe: A partnership built to democratize CTV advertising

We’re thrilled to announce our latest Connected TV (CTV) partnership with CTV and OTT ad platform This partnership will augment our ability to empower clients of all sizes to successfully launch and measure CTV and OTT campaigns and ultimately turn CTV into a performance channel.

CTV has become an essential advertising channel for app marketers. According to eMarketer, there are a stunning 195 million CTV and OTT users in the U.S. alone compared to 126 million Instagram users and 21 million TikTok users. In this strategic partnership with Vibe, we are ensuring CTV advertising is both measurable and affordable so marketers can take advantage of the fastest-growing video advertising platform.

Vibe provides a self-serve CTV ad platform for digital-first marketers

Fortune 500 companies have long dominated traditional TV advertising as they were the only ones that could afford ads. Vibe aims to change that by granting businesses of all sizes access to the booming CTV ad space with its disruptive self-serve CTV ad platform.

Vibe’s platform allows companies to upload and launch campaigns in under 60 seconds. Branded as “The Google Ads of CTV”, VIbe’s self-registration feature has no budget constraints and offers reach to audiences in over 400 premium channels through interest and audience-based targeting.

At this year’s App Growth Summit session with Adjust, Vibe’s CEO Arthur Querou said, “We believe that if all brands in the world can access TV, it’s going to be a big game-changer for the market. It’s not only about Fortune 500 companies anymore, and when medium and small businesses come into this market, they will disrupt it. And we want to be an enabler of this change.”

Succeeding in CTV with Adjust and Vibe

Adjust and Vibe’s integration lowers the barrier to entry into the CTV realm with intuitive and affordable technology. The integration works like this: CTV campaigns launched from Vibe's platform will be embedded with Adjust's trackers to provide precise measurement of engagement and attribution for app installs and in-app activity.

In Adjust’s CTV solution, CTV AdVision, clients will have direct access to a comprehensive CTV dashboard in which they can visualize performance and directly measure attributed installs and the ROAS on their CTV campaigns. Additionally, Adjust can customize an assist analysis for clients in which they can also assess the contribution of CTV and OTT to convert within other campaigns for an omnichannel marketing overview.

With this integration, marketers can:

  • Launch CTV campaigns autonomously
  • Target custom audiences updated in real-time
  • Accurately analyze CTV campaigns
  • Measure incremental lift
  • Quickly optimize for performance and ROAS

Together with Vibe, we welcome businesses large and small to discover the power of CTV advertising.

For more information on Adjust’s integration with Vibe and how to get set up, you can visit our Help Center. Or, you can head to our CTV AdVision page to learn more and get in touch for a demo.

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