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Celebrating International Women’s Day with women at Adjust

At Adjust, we’re thrilled to highlight five of our fearless female leaders this International Women’s Day. We sat down and got their insights on female empowerment, tips for women in tech, and supporting female representation in tech. We appreciate them and all of the women at Adjust.

Kandra Vu

Head of Global Inside Sales

Who were the women that inspired you in your career?

I draw inspiration from my late mother and mother-in-law. They successfully raised families and changed careers across two wars and many hardships and biases. When I find myself in challenging times, I think of their resilience, strength, and ability to adapt. They keep me moving forward!

I've also had amazing VP and C-level women who have forged the way in a very male-dominated Silicon Valley. I often ask myself, ‘How would they handle this issue? How would they ensure they not only have a seat at the table but also have their voices and ideas heard?

A lot boils down to patience and persistence. As women, we still need to push our way into a conversation or project and not back down.

What are your tips for women in tech?

Have confidence—don't underestimate your strengths and abilities. If there is an industry or technology that interests you, read up on it but don't hesitate to apply for the role. In today's connected world of social media, it's easy to find someone to learn from, network, and help make introductions.

How do you support female representation in tech?

I have been a hiring manager for nearly 20 years and have always openly encouraged female candidates and advocated for flexible work environments to accommodate new moms.

As a minority Asian female in tech sales, I try to lead by example. I attend industry women's networking groups and occasionally serve as a moderator on panel discussions. I mentor other female colleagues at Adjust and belong to Chief, an executive women's network that helps elevate women in leadership roles.

For 2022, I want to promote further communications and activities for our women’s group at Adjust.

Luisa Rodrigues

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Which women have inspired you in your career?

Powerhouses like Angela Davis, Cristina Junqueira, Luiza Trajano, Kimberly Bryant, and Whitney Wolfe-Herd are my role models because they have excelled in their fields and challenged paradigms. This group also includes our Chief Product Officer, Katie Madding, who inspires me daily.

Do you have any tips for women in tech?

Luisa gave us six stellar tips for women in tech wanting to succeed. (Excuse us while we print this out…)

  1. Find a fund or product you believe in to support.
  2. Get connected to what inspires you!
  3. Stay true to who you are.
  4. Generate quality work.
  5. Help others along your way.
  6. Speak up against wrongdoings to create a better work culture.

How do you support female representation in tech?

There are three things I focus on—research, support, and amplification. I stay connected with the realities of underrepresented genders in tech. I also support products built by these groups and share their work to help them reach a wider audience.

April Tayson

Regional VP INSEA

Who were the women that inspired you in your career?

My mother remains my spiritual guide, friend, and career mentor. Her unique ability to listen and share unlimited optimism has never failed to inspire me.

At Adjust, I’m also fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a diverse spectrum of female leaders—from Product to Customer Success, Inside Sales, Technical Account Management, and Marketing, all of which are female-led. Additionally, my own team is full of talented women who inspire me with their incredible zeal.

What are your tips for women who'd like to make it in tech?

My simple advice is to learn as much as you can about technology and where it’s heading.

This includes:

  1. Networking within the industry.
  2. Reading relevant publications.
  3. Checking out companies’ blogs for insights.

How do you support female representation in tech?

I am a firm believer in diversity in the workforce. In addition to hiring culturally diverse candidates, I consciously make efforts to hire more women in our team.

Veronica Gattner

Global Director People & Legal

What woman has inspired you in your career?

Given that I come from a law background, I have to say Ruth Bader Ginsberg!

Any tips for women who’re considering a career in tech?

Don’t be afraid to join a tech company!

How do you support female representation in tech beyond IWD?

I’m focusing on hiring more female talent. Currently, the P&O and Legal team has four female Heads-of, with a 68% representation of women, overall.

Ivy Lau

VP Technical Client Services

How do you help women in your team to grow?

I’ve seen many outstanding women shine in the tech industry. Given my accumulated experience, I strive to provide insights and guide new female joiners on the right development track.

Do you have any advice for females in tech?

Be curious! Follow trends and updates to stay alert. Then, you can quickly adopt innovative solutions brought by this fast-paced industry. Lastly, believe in yourself, and don’t hesitate to speak up and provide your insights.

How do you support female representation in tech beyond IWD?

There are many meet-ups for women in tech all over the world, which I like to attend from time to time. It’s always a great experience to get to know someone with a similar background, as each of us can provide different insights and help each other develop our careers further.

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