Celebrating women in tech: Meet Ulya Bayramova and Machiko Tokuda

Feb 13, 2019

Last month we introduced Adjust’s new diversity project.

As a company, we want to continue to break down the barriers to diversity and inclusion while encouraging the wider tech community to reach its full potential. As such, we’ll be hosting a number of events and running various social media campaigns in the next few months - designed to bring the tech industry together and showcase Adjust’s employees’ experiences in the sector.

As mentioned in our last post, the project will have different aspects related to diversity and inclusion. The first strand, Women in Tech, celebrates the brilliant women working at Adjust. Today, we’re pleased to share our two latest interviews with Ulya and Machiko.

Ulya Bayramova, Product Platform Lead

Ulya leads our Product Platform Community, which brings together some of the brightest minds across a variety of different app companies to discuss potential features in mobile marketing. In her role, Ulya grows the product platform to be a constant funnel of product research and knowledge sharing - as well as fostering industry relationships and improving information efficiency.

Based in Berlin, she’s been with Adjust for four years now. In her interview, we hear what she likes about working here, and she shares her advice for those considering a career path in the tech industry.

Can you tell us a bit about your career path prior to Adjust, and how your role has developed over time here?

Back in my college days, I started working in a small tech company as a Personal Assistant for the management team. I was the only woman in the office, but a lot of my colleagues inspired and motivated me to stay in the tech industry and start building my career. After finishing my degree, I worked for another web analytics company and then started at Adjust as an Account Manager for Russian and German speaking clients.

Since joining Adjust, I've realized that working together with people from over 40 different countries is not only super productive, but also lots of fun! You learn so much from each other - about different approaches, cultures and visions of life.

What advice do you have for women wanting to start out in or transition into the tech industry?

The tech industry is so dynamic and you'll be learning tons of new things, so stay on top of it and watch yourself becoming much stronger as you grow.

Machiko Tokuda, Technical Senior Account Manager

Machiko is a Technical Senior Account Manager based in our Tokyo office. The Adjust product offers a huge amount of possibilities and add-ons, and Machiko works with some of our key Japanese clients to help them fully understand the potential of our product. She guides new customers through onboarding and beyond - including troubleshooting issues for our partners and building great relationships.

Can you tell us a bit about your career path prior to Adjust, and how your role has developed over time here?

I actually worked as a freelance translator until my late twenties, but then started thinking about transitioning into more of a tech-focused role - something that would distinguish myself in a competitive job market.

I joined Tapjoy, the smartphone app SDK monetization platform, and this was the beginning of my journey in the app industry.

I spent almost two years juggling various responsibilities at Tapjoy - everything from digital ad operation and sales to PR and HR, and it was a great opportunity to learn about the industry. From there, I became really interested in server to SDK communications, and how ad network integrations work; it was like magic to me.

While at Tapjoy I often used the Adjust product. This is how I found out about the potential and the uniqueness of the company in the app market. Shortly after, I decided to join Adjust as an Account Manager in 2017. What I love about working here is that I’m learning something new every day. Everyone in the company is very open-minded and willing to help each other out. Even though I’m based in Japan, we regularly communicate and help out our team members all over the world.

What advice do you have for women wanting to start out in or transition into the tech industry?

Everyone has to start somewhere! Adjust, for example, has an extensive onboarding process for all new joiners, and regular training for existing employees. The satellite offices also regularly have experts from the Berlin headquarters flying in. Most importantly: just give yourself a chance and go for it!

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