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The future of deep links after Firebase’s Dynamic Links shut down

Google recently announced that Firebase Dynamic Links (FBDL) is being deprecated. As a result, marketers must now find a deep linking solution that can seamlessly maintain their current strategic approach, meet existing user-experience needs, and support undisrupted growth. This is where Adjust comes in.

Adjust’s solution enables marketers to uphold deep linking capabilities and continue to improve user experiences by taking them directly to the content they want to see. Advertisers can leverage granular insights on user acquisition, engagement, and retention for campaigns on mobile, push, social, email, referral, CTV, and more—empowering you to improve performance throughout the entire marketing funnel.

With Adjust, marketers can navigate this transition with confidence and uninterrupted performance.

How Adjust supports your deep linking needs

The good news is that transitioning to Adjust unlocks a range of benefits for marketers seeking to continue their deep linking efforts and to level up. With our deep linking solution, you’re empowered to create compelling experiences that maximize app performance by sending users directly to the app content advertised. Adjust also supports deferred deep linking, which ensures a smooth user experience even if the app is not installed in the first place. When they click, install, and open the app, they’ll still be directed to the page the initial link provided.

Apps already working with Adjust leverage deep links not just for guiding users to specific content within their apps, but to boost (re) engagement, attribute installs from QR-codes, and get more granular with CTV attribution. What’s also beneficial is that by switching from Firebase Dynamic Links to Adjust, everything is contained in a single platform, further minimizing time spent toggling between tools and promoting a lean, centralized tech stack for smart, fast decisions.

With Adjust deep links, you can:

  • Use your links across owned and earned as well as ad network channels. To avoid duplication, Adjust only imports the first instance of each combination, meaning any duplicate value that appears will be ignored.
  • Your links can be formatted according to each individual environment, for example social, email, push notifications, iOS apps, and Android apps.
  • You can level up your engagement and re-engagement initiatives with branded links to establish trust and authenticity and increase CTR.
  • Implement customized social sharing previews of the link destination to give users the best (and most enticing) possible visual representation of the app content.
  • Create highly personalized referral links for accurate measurement of ROI on referral campaigns.
  • Attribute users from QR-code installs and from CTV-to-CTV and CTV-to-mobile.

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