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How Double Day sales are transforming INSEA’s e-commerce app market

In INSEA, specific calendar dates have taken on a new significance, transforming into high-octane e-commerce festivals. Among the Double Day sales, 11/11 (also known as Singles’ Day sale) and 12/12 (also known as Double 12 Sale) stand out as remarkable phenomena. During Double Day promotions, particularly on Double 11, there is a significant surge in sales, experiencing increases from 575% to as much as 6410% in specific product categories. These dates have evolved into more than just symbolic numerals; they are now synonymous with massive online sales, consumer frenzies, and strategic marketing campaigns.

This article examines the performance of e-commerce apps on these unique shopping days and explores how app marketers in the region can capitalize on this tremendous opportunity.

E-commerce app usage skyrockets in Singapore and Philippines on 11/11

The sales event on 11/11 has a significant impact on e-commerce activity in the INSEA region. This is evident from the surge in app installs and user engagement. On November 11, 2022, there was a 47% increase in e-commerce app installs across INSEA compared to the average for the month. User sessions also saw a sharp rise of 71%. However, the impact varied across different countries in the region.

Singapore and the Philippines led the surge in e-commerce app usage. In Singapore, app installs on November 11 were a huge 126% higher than the monthly average, with user sessions jumping even more—by 146%. The Philippines also trended upward, with installs on that day increasing by 119% over the average and user sessions climbing by 92%.

Malaysia also experienced impressive growth, with app installs on November 11 increasing by 75% compared to the monthly average and sessions increasing by 62%. However, Indonesia saw a more modest increase, with installs and sessions rising by only 3% and 8%, respectively.

Thailand and Vietnam presented a slightly different pattern; despite a decrease in app installs on November 11, sessions in these countries still increased. Thailand's sessions grew by 59% over the November average, and Vietnam experienced a 10% increase in sessions.

Massive surge in e-commerce app installs in Malaysia and the Philippines on 12/12

The 12/12 Double Day in 2022 significantly impacted the e-commerce app market in the INSEA region, following the earlier surge seen during the 11/11 sales. This event led to a notable increase in both app installs and user engagement on December 12, 2022. Compared to the typical December averages, app installs and sessions across INSEA increased by 57% and 62%, respectively. This growth exhibited distinct patterns in various countries within the region.

The increase in e-commerce app installs was particularly significant in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Malaysia experienced an impressive 176% rise in app installs above the December average and a 58% increase in sessions. The Philippines followed closely, with app installs soaring 172% above the monthly average and sessions climbing by 107%. Singapore demonstrated exceptional growth in user engagement, with a 120% increase in sessions paired with a 163% rise in app installs. Indonesia witnessed more modest growth, with app installs and sessions on 12/12 increasing by 14% and 5%, respectively.

The trends in Thailand and Vietnam diverged from the norm. Despite a decrease in app installs in Thailand, there was a 104% increase in sessions relative to the December average. Vietnam presented a contrasting scenario where app sessions decreased by 18% on 12/12, yet app installs went up by 18% compared to the monthly average. These varied trends demonstrate how different markets respond uniquely to major online shopping events.

Maximizing impact with Double Day sales: Strategies for e-commerce app success

Double Day sales hold great potential due to their timing and marketing appeal. These events are carefully designed to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, generating high consumer anticipation. The success of Double Day Sales relies heavily on effective marketing and promotional strategies. These can include significant discounts, limited-time offers, and exclusive deals unavailable at other times of the year.

For e-commerce apps, these events present opportunities to increase sales, enhance user engagement, and foster brand loyalty. By offering compelling deals on these specific dates, e-commerce apps can take advantage of the heightened consumer interest and shopping activity, boosting their overall sales performance.

Here are some top ways to make the most out of the upcoming Doubles Day Sales on 12/12:

  • Plan in advance: First, you need to develop a detailed promotion strategy within the app and utilize features like in-app notifications and banners tailored to user preferences. You can also partner with app influencers to promote the app through their networks, reaching a wider audience.
  • Set goals: Use app analytics to set realistic and measurable sales targets. App marketers can create an in-app referral program that rewards users for inviting new customers, potentially increasing the user base and sales.
  • Offer exclusive deals: You can offer exclusive discounts, including flash sales and personalized offers based on their shopping history. Make sure to send push notifications to alert users about time-sensitive deals, enhancing engagement and urgency.
  • Optimize your app: It’s also critical to regularly update the app to ensure fast performance, especially during high-traffic sales events. Focus on a seamless checkout experience to minimize cart abandonment. Include features like guest checkout, multiple payment options, and easy navigation.
  • Leverage social media: Strategically use social media platforms to direct traffic to the app by offering app-exclusive promotions. Share previews of upcoming sales and app-specific discounts on social media stories or livestreams to create excitement and anticipation.
  • Analyze performance at the end: After the sale, it’s essential to analyze app usage data, sales performance, and user behavior patterns to gauge the success of the sales event. You can solicit user feedback within the app to understand their experience and preferences and use this data to refine future sales strategies and improve app functionalities.

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