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How we migrate new clients to Adjust

Switching between attribution providers can be overwhelming, but at Adjust we make the process easy. To find out how, we spoke to Yagiz Öztol, our Global Director Solution Consultant who has extensive experience transitioning new clients from one platform to another.

The role of Adjust’s Sales Engineers is to onboard new clients while ensuring a seamless transition from one attribution provider to another. There are two areas of focus when migrating to Adjust from another provider; architecting technical set up and driving value with competitive differentiation by supporting your marketing strategy.

Our team’s responsibility is to ensure that your engineers install the Adjust SDK without a hitch. We have experience migrating more than 2,000 customers with every type of app, across multiple industries. In addition to engineering support, we spend time with your marketing teams to ensure you’re set up to meet your goals with in-depth demos, strategic workshops and deployment sessions.

Step 1 to 3 will take us approximately 1 to 6 weeks, and by tailoring our solution to your required capabilities, you’ll see clear business value within just a few weeks. Together with our clients, we agree on a due date for the migration, as this forms the basis of all our plans moving forward.

Step 1: Onboarding

Onboarding will include three major action points:

  • Marketing strategy session
  • App setup
  • Historical data migration

During your strategy session, we’ll discuss your mobile marketing strategy with your team in order to define your objectives, cost models, set up KPIs, advertising channels, platforms to integrate and more. We’ll also cover the Adjust features that are going to help your app grow. One of the outcomes of this session will be your personalized onboarding plan, which we create by translating your needs into technical setup.

Following this session, you can create and set up your mobile app events in the Adjust dashboard.

Another important action point is historical data migration. Adjust takes the import of historical data very seriously and makes sure to support you in this process to avoid any data loss or duplication as well as double charges (more tips on this later!). During this session we focus on how to prepare the historical data with your BI team by mapping and enriching the existing data points with Adjust data points. Such collaboration promotes transparency and partnership while proactively troubleshooting any minor bumps to prevent major issues.

Step 2: Deployment sessions and QA

After this step, your onboarding is nearly complete. Our deliverables include:

  • Dashboard setup
  • SDK setup
  • Fraud/security setup (this step is optional)

In this step, together we’ll make sure to completely configure your app in our dashboard: create tracking URLs, events and SDK signature, set up attribution settings and reporting infrastructure.

Working closely with your developers, we implement and test all your chosen features: from in-app events, reattribution deep links and subscription tracking to fraud protection features. We’ll provide clear guidelines and help your developer team with debugging the implementation whenever needed.

By request, we can also host an additional session focusing on data processing. In this special session, you’ll learn how to leverage Adjust raw and aggregated data.

After our SDK is integrated, it’s time to submit the updated app to a store. Clients can get in contact with our partners, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, DoubleClick and Yahoo to let them know about this change. Our partner integration is very straightforward and your campaigns will be automatically tracked as soon as your app goes live with the Adjust SDK.

Step 3: Drive to value

At Adjust, we are very proud of our customer support. Our Implementation Engineers provide you with best-in-class onboarding guidance and enable you to get full value out of Adjust products. Our Technical Account Managers will continue to support you after the integration by providing you with additional training and troubleshooting any issues as needed.

Migration tips

Migrating from one MMP to another can be overwhelming. We understand that you might be worried about your resources, complexity of platform adoption, losing data, getting duplicate data or paying twice for the same users. The good news is - it’s very easy to avoid all of that!

Avoiding data loss

When historical data is migrated correctly, you do not have to worry about data loss. Adjust has created a comprehensive guide on how to import your historical data, so not a single entry is lost in the process. You can find the migration guide in our Help Center.

Avoiding data duplication and double charges

Avoiding data duplication and double charges is quite easy, you only need to import existing device information from your previous MMP or your BI before releasing an app update with the Adjust SDK. Thanks to our own servers, deduplicating data is not complicated. Adjust will ignore any duplicate value and therefore will not charge for it. Our support team will help you complete this step correctly.

Saving time by repopulating tracking links with Campaign Wizard

All of your tracking links for website, email and other active marketing campaigns have to be switched with Adjust trackers, instead of previous vendors. This process is simple and quick with Campaign Wizard. With just a few clicks you can maintain your existing campaign structure while receiving the same depth of source data as before.

Interested to hear more about Adjust solutions or decided you are ready to move on from your current provider? Contact our support team. We are very quick to reply!

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