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Presenting Pulse: Smart alerts for more effective mobile marketing

App marketing is all about optimization, right? You optimize campaigns, your marketing tech stack, your knowledge of the industry, and so much more on a continuous basis. Adjust continually invests in solutions designed to help you work smarter. To help streamline your campaign optimization for peak marketing productivity, we’re proud to introduce our latest solution: Pulse.

What is Pulse?

Pulse is Adjust’s smart alerts solution, built for marketing teams of all sizes. Pulse allows marketers to create highly customizable alerts to notify them of changes in their data, such as campaign performance, anomalies, and ROAS, so that they, in turn, don’t have to constantly monitor their marketing data for those metrics. Pulse affords marketers incredible flexibility, with an unparalleled choice of metrics, rule logics, delivery methods, and timings of alerts that best suit their needs.

Katie Madding

Chief Product Officer, Adjust

Pulse is here to maximize your marketing efficiency

Assessing our clients’ day-to-day needs, we know many marketers spend valuable time combing through data across their marketing campaigns and apps. This doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, marketers can set up time-saving alerts with Pulse to do the data-digging for them!

Pulse’s built-in preview charts allow marketers to see in real-time if a chart would be useful before they implement it. After choosing the criteria for an alert, a marketer can view the preview chart, which uses the marketer’s historical data to show how many times in the last 7, 30, or 90 days an alert would have met the selected criteria. “Useful alerts only” is Pulse’s motto!

Plus, in addition to tailoring the recipients of each alert, marketers can set the delivery method, such as Slack or email, as well as the timing of alerts: hourly, daily, or weekly. These customizations mean marketers can avoid those annoying spam-like notifications, and cater insights to each team member's specific interests.

In short, with Pulse, marketers can easily:

  • Spot data anomalies to act fast.
  • Follow customized KPIs, being alerted when targets are met.
  • Keep an eye on ad spend to ensure budgets are optimized.
  • Create, and edit the same alerts across multiple apps.
  • Share alerts via Slack or email to the right team members.

Bonus—For our clients employing Adjust’s Fraud Prevention solution, you can also set up notifications to alert your team of fraudulent activity.

Spend less time sorting data and more time acting on it with Pulse. Check out our smart alerts solution now.

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