Blog 3 reasons why Adjust host our servers

3 reasons why Adjust host our servers

Many SaaS companies build out their capabilities on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services. Often this is enough for most businesses who want to avoid handling the difficulties of operating a server stack. Here at Adjust we decided to do it the hard way by buying, managing and hosting all of our data on our servers.

We think it’s a significant USP, yet we haven’t blogged about in much detail. In this article we’ll take you through the finer points of why we host our servers and the benefits that self-hosting can bring to our customers.

We can do more

Owning and using our technology removes limitations. Our lookback windows are much longer than many competitors on the market, and this is because we’re not being charged for increased capacity in the same way as companies running on cloud computing are. Solutions that limit you to 90 days of historical data do so at the expense of hosting elsewhere.

This also extends to having some tracking companies having to delete older user data entirely, which could make retargeting campaigns that much more difficult, and also could create an additional problem of user duplication.

By hosting on our servers, we can pile on more data with no extra hassle and with controlled pricing models.

It’s fast!

While we’re not entirely talking about the distance between connections being the biggest influencing factor (although it does help to have synced timezones - no-one is caught napping during peak periods), what we’re really talking about is that our servers are dedicated to doing one thing: Adjust.

That means that they’re also optimized for us, and not built to do many different things. Adapted systems result in improved speed and reliability of our service. With the cloud, the trade-offs of a one-size-fits-all approach are more apparent, combined with the potential for lowered reliability from increased complexity.

It decreases the chance of downtime

No server is immune from downtime, whether from hardware malfunction or cyber-attack. However, with owned servers the potential for these to happen is in some way reduced - it becomes much rarer, as we have control over different factors that could lead to downtime.

In fact, Adjust managed to achieve 99.998 percent uptime throughout the past year - or 12 minutes in total. Over five years since our company began, we have reached in excess of 99.9 percent uptime overall.

Ultimately, with Adjust, you’d be hedging against the risk of relying on third party storage handled elsewhere. While we specialize in attribution, we also provide the storage on which we run everything.

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