James Haslam

Senior Content Manager,

James is Adjust's Senior Content Manager. Born Londoner, he moved to Berlin in early 2016 and found Adjust, for whom he's been working for since. James has worked as both a freelancer and within media agencies, and now he's realizing a small dream of working within a tech company.

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We’ve recently been involved in a collaborative effort with War Child UK, a charitable endeavor built on great games.

Bending Spoons is an Italian tech company focused on building the best marketing mobile applications, and one of Italy’s major home-grown app successes.

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Game designers—first video and now mobile—have traditionally drawn on psychology principles to pinpoint the mix of features and mechanics sure to make gameplay fun and addictive.

In many ways, app developers, like popular consumer brands in a supermarket, are locked in a fight for two scarce resources: consumer attention and shelf space.

Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet. But could it become one of the most influential distributors too?