What is conversion tracking?

Glossary What is conversion tracking?

The definition of conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is the process in which a mobile measurement partner tracks a specifically mapped data point within a mobile application. For example, when an advertiser works with an ad platform, they leverage conversion tracking to understand what specific data points are reached via users they acquire.

Why is conversion tracking important?

Conversion tracking ensures that advertisers and ad networks know where an install or purchase (or really any other data point) originated from, which helps determine the quality of the source. It also offers a better understanding of the campaign performance for future optimization.

Conversion tracking and AppLovin

Conversion tracking is mobile ad tech’s lifeforce. Ad networks like AppLovin need to see where installs come from and, more importantly, what purchases (conversions) result from those installs. This data is critical to knowing which sources are best in terms of quality of traffic for each campaign.

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