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Adjust differs from its competitors in its unmatched data granularity. We believe that data belongs to apps, and as a result of that philosophy, we don’t cap, charge, or complicate an app’s raw data access. Rather, this data is shared right back to mobile apps, empowering product and marketing teams with all the information they seek to measure to make smarter product and marketing decisions.

  • Offers unlimited callbacks and access to data, no matter your pricing plan

  • Gives you as many custom parameters as you need, at no extra cost

  • Provides an unlimited look-back window for aggregated dashboard data so you never need to worry about counting the same user twice

  • Industry leader in partner integrations and a long-list of measurable touchpoints to ensure apps never miss a chance to connect with their audience and compare marketing results

Other MMPs

  • Limits callbacks and data access depending on the package size

  • Provides a limit on custom parameters

  • Limits the lookback window, thereby leaving out or potentially duplicating data points

  • Fewer partner integrations and measurable touchpoints result in missed measurement opportunities

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a setup fee?

Nope! We’re here to help, with no hidden fees.

Is Adjust GDPR and ePrivacy compliant?

Yes. Adjust follows the strictest European privacy laws. We are fully GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.

How hard is it to switch from my attribution provider to Adjust?

It’s easy! Our dedicated support professionals have already assisted hundreds of apps with their migration to Adjust and are on hand to help you, too. This includes importing your historical data, so you won’t be starting with a blank slate.

How hard is it to get set up with a new advertising partner?

You’ll be set up to work with over a thousand advertising partners in just a few clicks. Don’t see your preferred partner? We’ll help you bring them on board.

How does your pricing work?

Adjust’s pricing is based on install volume as well as features. For more information, contact us by hitting the button below.

Why should my company switch to Adjust?

Adjust lets you do more with data. Our software is the best that German engineering has to offer, and we provide more security and flexibility than any other attribution provider. There are never any hidden costs to hold you back, only tools to help you take your marketing further.

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