App measurement: Why marketing leaders choose Adjust over Kochava

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Don’t let a lack of insights frustrate your marketing efforts. With Kochava, you’ll find it difficult to get the full picture as a result of fragmented analytics and limited data retention.

  • Provides more than 160 placeholders - the most in the market - to capture all of data you care about

  • Offers simplified tracker creation - with the option of automated tracker creation via Campaign API

  • Takes privacy and user data very seriously, Adjust will never sell device IDs for the sake of better targeting


  • Provides a limit of just 48 data placeholders on their custom callbacks, limiting the information you can gather on your users

  • Offers 14-step process to create a single tracker

  • In exchange for Free App Analytics, clients grant a first-party data license to its data marketplace, the Kochava Collective

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