Jun 26, 2017

A few Dashboard adjustments

You may have noticed a few changes with Adjust's dashboard. In advance of an exciting new release coming soon, we've altered the structure of some parts of the dashboard. Here's a quick rundown of what's happened, just so you know that they're all intentional, and in advance of a feature update.

What's changed?

A new attribution settings structure

Everything is still there, just in different place. Previously, settings were broken up by click-based, view-through and reattribution. Inside click-based, a user would find device ID and fingerprint. Now we’ve split those two into their own sections which you’ll see on the same sub-layer.

Create trackers with the 'quick create' function

Under the Trackers menu, you'll see a 'Quick Create' button. This means you can create a tracker instantly, without further navigation.

Use Tracker Wizard without linking a tracker to a network

Also, when creating trackers, before the update you would have to link to a network first in order to set campaign structures/additional parameters - but now you don't have to link to a network in order to set them.

That's all for now - keep an eye on our Product Updates for the announcement of our future release to find out what all the fuss is about.