Dec 20, 2019

Adjust now supports OAID for tracking in China

We’re proud to announce that Adjust is the first MMP capable of tracking OAID. This is essential for effective campaign measurement and attribution tracking in China and other important markets.

What you need to know about OAID

The Open Anonymous Device Identifier was recently developed by the Chinese Mobile Security Alliance (MSA), and all Android device manufacturers are recommended to use it for advertising purposes. It’s used in place of the non-supported Google Advertising ID in China and replaces the IMEI/MEID that has been used up until now. OAID can be reset or even completely disabled, making it a privacy-friendly option.

So, how does Adjust collect OAID data?

The MSA recently announced that all devices manufactured in China must integrate the module that provides OAID. As long as the device supports this, the MSA SDK is capable of collecting OAID.

With our new plugin, the Adjust SDK is able to read the OAID value from the MSA SDK. This means our clients will always be able to reliably collect the device identifier for tracking and attribution.

Although the requirement for the MSA SDK is relatively new, preparing for this change is crucial. That’s why Adjust is well-positioned to ensure our clients can comfortably continue their app marketing in China as OAID use becomes widespread.

Get started using OAID

With Adjust’s OAID plugin, the OAID value is used in just the same way as any other device identifier. It can be used for:

  • Attribution
  • Engagements
  • GDPR Right to be Forgotten
  • S2S events

OAID is supported by our testing console and we now offer a new placeholder for callbacks and CSV upload: {oaid}.

This plugin is available worldwide and will work with the Adjust Android SDK 4.19.1, or later.