Jun 15, 2017

Audience Builder: Better than ever and now open to everyone

You might remember our Audience Builder where we announced a much better way to do segmentation. Audience Builder is a tool that allows you to create laser-like retargeting campaigns by building audiences that you can share with your networks without having to give away the whole pie. Now, only a few months later, we're here to announce a significant update to the Audience Builder.

When we first launched Audience Builder we were already proud of its capabilities: infinite lookback into your data, a wide array of available filters for users in every vertical, the ability to splice up an audience into groups, integrations with key measurement partners, and the ability to share your audiences via dynamic links that update in real time. From its very first day, Audience Builder has been able to provide a faster and more precise approach to running retargeting campaigns on your own terms.

Available as an extended trial to all of our clients until the end of September 2017, Audience Builder now contains several new functions that our clients are really excited about. If you'd like to know more about the details, read on.

Audience numbers

When creating an audience, you're now able to see in advance of the final list a cardinal estimation of how large an audience it is. This lets you know how small or large an audience is while you're creating it, saving you time in case of creating too-detailed audiences with only a handful of users in them. Also, when considering event-based targeting, the feature allows you to see if events are being triggered - which can allow more thorough investigation of your app's performance.   Finally, you'll also be able to find out potential campaign volume, as well as knowing whether your audience fits certain parameters.

Enhanced usability

We’ve made an avalanche of tiny changes to Audience Builder, all designed to make our clients’ lives so much easier. We’ve tweaked the syntax in places to simplify each step of the process, replaced symbols with clear directions and arranged apps, trackers and events in logical, alphabetical order.

At Adjust we believe that Audience Builder is the future of data. We have a number of major updates already in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you. Watch this space for more announcements about how we’re improving the tool and enjoy testing it out this summer.

Ready to give Audience Builder a try?