Jul 13, 2018

Apple Search Ads: Two new placeholders

We’re announcing a small update to what you can do with your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

If you are running campaigns with Apple Search ads, you now have the option to add two new placeholders to your campaigns (a placeholder is the dynamic value used to deliver raw data in real time via callbacks).

The two new placeholders available are ‘creative set name’ and ‘creative set ID’ (you can find a list of all available placeholders on the Adjust Placeholders page). Use the new placeholders for an even deeper level of specificity when you test and track different creative assets in your Apple Search campaigns.

To use the placeholders, just add them manually to your callbacks. Please also add them to your S3 bucket in order to be able to upload your data as a csv file. The new placeholders are not currently available in the dashboard as part of your campaign’s structure; please check in with us if you’d like more information.