Jul 4, 2017

Campaign Wizard: The next level of attribution tracking

We released Tracker Wizard last year to help our clients build tracking links with much more ease than before. The update allowed our users to make tracking links with a few clicks, and meant that they didn’t need to work alongside networks in order to produce them. Just create, send and go.

However, there was a catch that we wanted to address. At the time, Adjust applied our clients chosen attribution settings only at app level, but not for at campaign level. This hindered a client’s ability to run different campaigns with different goals for the same app at the same time. As such, settings based on unmatching attribution windows, or varying types of attribution (e.g. fingerprinting vs. impression based attribution) could not be made in tandem. That is, until Campaign Wizard.

What Campaign Wizard solves

Campaign Wizard gives you complete customization of your tracker level attribution settings, right down to the ad group level.

The update allows you to run set trackers to operate differently, even if they’re set within the same campaign. For example, if you would like tracker A to have impression tracking switched off, but tracker B to be switched on with a 24-hour impression attribution window, this is now possible. Do you want to set network A up with a reattribution window of 7 days, and network B with a reattribution window of 2? Now, with Campaign Wizard, you can.

Furthermore, Adjust has included the ability to bypass the necessity of linking to a network when making a tracker, so you don’t have to choose a network from the get-go to set up your campaign logic. This gives you greater freedom to use all the magic of Campaign wizard without having to link the tracker to a network.

Changes to Placeholders

With the new feature comes some changes to Adjust’s placeholders. First, fingerprint attribution window has been included as a new placeholder, which (along with four others below) won’t be sent on session or event. The list of placeholders affected are:

We’ve fixed the logic to them as well. Click attribution window and fingerprint attribution window will no longer be available on impression. This is because the two work on a click-to-install basis, and would never utilize impressions. Similarly, the impression attribution window is no longer available on click for the same logic.

Cost Data Toggle

We’ve also included a new toggle in Campaign Wizard’s settings, which you’ll see after selecting a network which supports ad spend tracking. Our aim with this is to allow clients to ‘enable’ cost for a network. Enabling this toggle would append all cost macros to the tracking URLs.

Try Campaign Wizard for yourself

Tracker level adjustable attribution will be available for all clients who are enterprise (and above). Take a look at our docs for more on how to get started.

Contact us to find out how you can get access to Campaign Wizard if you’d like to know more.