Dec 19, 2017

Click injections filter: Our newest fraud fighter

Today we’re please to announce that we have added a new tool to our Fraud Prevention Suite.

Our latest filter is designed to fight click injections, a fraud scheme that has grown to a significant level and multiplied in viciousness over the past year.

It was apparent that mitigation was only possible once Google made timestamps available that proved the user's intent/actions before the ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED broadcast could trigger a click injection executed by the fraudster. Now that these timestamps are becoming available, we can use ID to reject attribution to fraudulent sources.

Our click injection filter will deny the attribution of installs to sources that delivered a click in between the two available timestamps: `install_finish_time` and `first_open_time`/ `install`. You must have the Fraud Prevention Suite enabled and run either the Native Android SDK or any of the derivative Android SDKs in version 4.12 for the click injection filter to function properly.

Adjust is already the leader in the fight against mobile ad fraud, with the only suite of tools on the market that prevent fraud from ever getting into your data set. You can stop having awkward conversations with your partners about suspicious activity; our tools keep you from ever paying for it in the first place, no chargebacks necessary.

To find out more about how you can get a cleaner picture of your ad spend, contact your account manager or use the form below to request a demo from Adjust.